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According to Amartya Sen, poverty must be seen as the deprivation of basic capabilities rather than merely as lowness of incomes, which is the standard criterion of identification of poverty. The standards of measuring poverty among people have been reiterated on the levels of earnings, or income one has in store. The essence of large or increased numbers of income is a categorical perception of wealth or escape of poverty. Nonetheless, Amartya Sen has a different view that poverty is a real deprivation of the basic capabilities that enable people to access and make use of this income and other amenities in the society.

Human social living is subject to many configurations in the society. The essence of having a sound society with innate and extrinsic capabilities is a directive of looking for pathways of eliminating poverty in those societies. Poverty is a state of lacking the basic facilities that make life possible in the society. It does not refer to failure of inappropriate ways of accessing these amenities. However, it refers to inability to find and make use of these facilities in order to alleviate the intense need among the people. Therefore, it is possible to embrace the steps taken by Amartya Sen as she states that poverty does not necessarily have to be a deprivation of the amounts of income to people. Income is a fact that originates after accessing the basic pathways of influencing change and renewed lifestyles among the people. In order to be placed to change life and eradicate poverty, it is necessary to consider the need of elevating human access to capabilities other than ready incomes. Incomes are prone to extinction. Moreover, use of income does not make people escape the threats of poverty in the society. Nonetheless, access of channels of creating wealth is a sure way of handling poverty now and for many years to come.

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Capability deprivation is a more powerful approach for finding ways to fight poverty than focusing on raising the incomes of the poor. Capability is a lucrative facet that influences the lives of many people living in the society. The essence of having capability is because of its influence on the general approaches that can enable people to live in peace and harmony without to depend on one another for equitable support. As reiterated by Amartya Sen on the number of societies and facilities dwelling on poverty, it is extremely beneficial to introduce people to the right ways of dealing with poverty. One of the ways proposed by Amartya Sen is that of letting the people access the diversity of capabilities in the society. With capabilities, one will be able to involve in various and diverse activities for survival. This is not liking with income that gives a skewed pathway of expanding the authorities and avenues of creating wealth as a means of fighting poverty. Therefore, it pays a lot to introduce people to the aspects of capability other than providing ready-made income to fight poverty. The diversity of capabilities means that people will be able to dwell within an avenue of engaging in different fields of prosperity in the society.

Income is a facet that is handed solidly to the person who is suffering the consequences of poverty in the society. The influences of poverty can be dealt with by the imposition of income among people. Nonetheless, it becomes hard to sustain such approaches of fighting poverty in the society. As noted by Amartya Sen in her studies, it is possible to give income to people who are facing stringent poverty as a way or eradicating it in their lives. However, this will not take time as done with capabilities. Capabilities are sustainable and progressive in the lives of many people. The self-respect and possibilities that people have are the driving forces that push them to fight and win wars against poverty in the society. Capabilities like education, access to basic amenities and sources of creating wealth are all durable and sustainable among people. Therefore, the most equitable way of dealing with poverty is to introduce capabilities and their diversity into their lives.

Capabilities are dynamic in nature. They take varied steps and approaches. Unlike income, capabilities enable people to involve in more separate and different ways of creating sustainable avenues of income. Poverty originates from poor approaches that are concerned and responsible for ensuing wealth in a society. In order to posses,  the aspects of delivering qualitative and quantitative approaches of fighting poverty among people, capabilities should be introduced and nurtured among them. In many cases, it has been mentioned by Amartya Sen that poverty escalates when people lack the basic tools of trade and ideas to carry out businesswise activities. These activities are concerned with yielding equitable amounts of wealth for growth and development in the society.

Capabilities yield incomes with greater percentages than the vice versa. For instance, when people are full of capabilities to conceive business ideas, explore education and research activities for creating income, they will be able to yield profitable and strong avenues in such a case. Nonetheless, it is hard to engage in income without the influences of capabilities and abilities among the people. In most cases, poverty strikes even with income that does not have capable agents of investing and creating more as a way of eradicating poverty in the society.

In order to eradicate all aspects of poverty in the society, it is vital to consider all the people in that society as agents of change. However, giving these people income does not help to eradicate all cases of poverty. However, it only helps them to fight short-term difficulties and yet face others after some time. However, when capabilities are established among people, they will be able to involved in universal activities that enable them to trend within the required avenues of growth and development in the society. When all people are involved in activities that create wealth, they will be able to be accommodative and influential in bringing change in the society. However, it becomes hard to find ways and means of dealing with poverty when the required people have income without innate capabilities among them. As a way of fighting poverty, it is essential to involve a variance of endeavors that enable people to see a chance or opportunities on invention and income generation.

As perceived by Amartya Sen, the roots of poverty are not with lack of income among the people. However, the general aspects of managing the available resources are lacking or inadequate. Majority of the people who are considered poor do not have adequate capabilities to engage in more productive agencies of bringing change among their members. In the end, people languish in poverty, not because of lacking adequate measures of production. In most cases, poverty has been considered to be the only true option of dominance in the world of tranquil. In order to have a complete change is poverty situations, it is essential to take all the possible ways of dealing with lack of capabilities in the human population. Raising the incomes of the poor is  one way of dealing with poverty. However, this is not an accurate and the all-inclusive way of eradicating poverty among the human societies. Creation of avenues of raising sustainable sources of income plays a critical role in eradicating poverty among the people. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the need of having a stable state of affairs that rules out the issuance of income and develops creation of capabilities among the poor people in the society.

According to Tswana Marta’s experience with Maggie in “Swamp Nurse,” there comes a time when it is hard to differentiate between the need for capability and the desire for capability. Human capabilities vary in accordance to the desires and the driving forces behind every activity in the society. The innate responsibilities of having a solid ground in establishing a poverty-free society dwell on the choices that people make as part of strategies to eliminate poverty. In many of the avenues that have been emphasized by the story of “Swamp Nurse,” much can be learnt and applied in what Luwana and Maggie go through in their lives. Maggie is confident that she is poor and will make one day in the life. Some of the considerations that are cited as a way of showing respect and love for work in those that she does while still in her family home.

Human capabilities come when the necessary income capabilities are created among people. The concept of capabilities comes in the knock of trying to establish possible avenues of creating wealth in the human life. It is clear from the perception of Maggie that she struggles in order to access the basic facets of life. She dwells in poverty. Poverty drives her to engage in different activities that dictate her presentation to Luwana and many other students while she was in college. She is deprived capabilities in various forms. Initially, she does not have a direct access to the possible avenues of prosperity like most of her friends. Nonetheless, this deprivation does not stop her from engaging in goals of redeeming her chances of accessing wealth and income creation in the society. Though she is deprived the energy and will engage in different avenues of developing the society, she lives to desire and see the outcomes of her activities in and out of her home.

Maggie stuns Luwana in how she stays strong and determined to meet the many desires of her heart. She is deprived of income. Nonetheless, she involves in different activities that ensure that she gets income. She does this while in and out of school. To the surprise and support of Luwana, she is involved in many activities that relate between being capable and earning income in her family. The story of Luwana and Maggie depicts how many people in the world today face the prospects of poverty without influencing on the general loving standards. She is derived of the social justice. She does not access many social amenities because she does not have direct access and capability to these facilities. On the other hand, the urgency to be creative and capable drives her to achieve more than people expected her.

Social justice is a facet that is lacking in the society that Maggie hails. To the surprise of Luwana, Maggie does not take for granted the social injustices she has been facing for a long period. Nonetheless, the aspects of social justice deprivation do not stop her from engaging in more productive activities and events in her society and family. In other worlds, she involves in all the activities that ensure that she has survived the ordeals of poverty. She is a real “Swamp Nurse” in her making. She does not listen to gender injustices and other forms of deprivation behind her.

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