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The causes and effects of global warming is a current issue of immense importance on a global context. Statistics show that climate change is a serious problem as a result of the warming up of the earth. This has resulted to a scientific consensus in a manner that is overwhelming which has been induced by the humans. With the escalation of global warming accompanied by the decrease in species as well as their habitats, there is a natural diminish of the chances of adaptation of the ecosystem. Most people have so far agreed with the fact that, the changes in climate as a result of global warming poses threats of meaningful magnitude across the planet. There has been recorded some extreme levels of increase in the temperatures across a variety of regions accompanied by the increase in the extremities in as far as the patterns of weather are concerned (Adam, 2006).

According to the research that has so far been conducted, there is evidence production of air pollutants from the fossil fuels that combusted which cause severe reflection to the rays of the sun to the space. The effect of this phenomenon is global dimming in which case the amount of heat as well as energy that reaches the surface of the earth is drastically reduced. This initially serves the role of ironic savior to the problems that are associated with climate change. It is according to the believe of the majority that most droughts that have affected most parts of Africa especially Ethiopia results from global dimming. This phenomenon also exhibits latent effects to the actual command associated with global warming’ (Adam, 2006).

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For a substantial length of time influential businesses of significantly large sizes in collaboration with governments have not been in favor of global warming. This has led to the utilization of their substantial resources in response to global warming. The impacts of climate change have been a cause of worry to many leading to the shift in the discourse. Most businesses that initially took little measures in the campaigns against climate change have currently undergone opinion transformation. They have gone to the extent of urging governments to take regulatory measures as well as directions to minimize the effects of global warming. There are however some attempts to undermine the actions as well as the concerns of climate change by some influential organizations due to personal interests (Adam, 2006).

The seriousness of global warming is attributed to climate justice. Most of the greenhouses gases that have been emitted have their origin from the industrialized nations. However, the greater part of the burden is suffered by the poor countries. The greater part of the responsibility of checking the proliferation of global warming therefore rests squarely on the rich countries. They therefore have a duty of supporting the poor nations through the process of adaptation. This may be achieved through transfer of technology as well as financing. The rich nations are liable to pay carbon depts. To the poor countries on account of the fact that they have already consumed in excess of their emissions quata. The reductions in emissions have been set by the year 2050 but it is still projected that the emissions of these rich countries will still be ahead of their fair share.

It is therefore the responsibility of the developed nations to play a hand in the paying off the carbon dept through offering assistance to the emerging countries towards the development of the cleaner paths such as the adoption of technology transfer, capacity building as well as finance (Adam, 2006).

It has been important to consider taking concerted efforts in the alignment of the global economy to the environmental thresholds that will ultimately lead to the creation of the ‘steady state’ economy which can also be called the ‘dynamic equilibrium’  (Adam, 2006). The consequences of this development are the creation of a happier society that is also socially equitable.

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