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Degeneracy of morals and virtues through individualism is one psychological development that this video imparts on us. In the video, one Egyptian civil servant named Sayyid Qutb, went to the United States to learn about education system but he became very sickened with what he saw.

Dying for the sake of eliminating corruption; One Muslim Brotherhood leader by the name of Qutb who had been tortured in the Nassir’s cells, learns that frontrunners who have been influenced by the west, could undergo anything even death to eliminate corruption. Qutb actually ends up dying for almost that same reason.  

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Belief in necessity to rise up and overthrow corrupt regime; one Islamist called Zawahiri together with his allies ended up assassinating the Egyptian president Anwar Al Sadat so as to start their own revolution. He wanted to overthrow the president’s regime and replace it with what he referred to as Islamic regime. This Zawahiri believed that many Muslims were by both their western-inspired leaders by jahilliyah.

Emphasis on individual liberty; some disappointed liberals in the United States intended to reorganize America by unifying the American people against an evil and they thus undertook making one mythical enemy.

Education: It is very evident that even the Muslim world and people know the value of education and that is why some have been said to leave their homes to go and pursue the same. For example, we see Sayyid Qutb, visiting the U.S. to learn about the education system.

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In the Video watching assignment, it is evident that the obvious perceptions of Al-queda are shunned and some one on one clarity is found. This helps in understanding the so called terrorists in their own words. We also get to understand better Islamic lessons and what Islam stands for. We also get to understand and differentiate between the real Islam religion and radical Islam much better. This video also shows us that even Islamic leaders are academically enlighten and that is why some of them even left their motherlands and went to the West to acquire education.     

We also learn understand why the Islamic world feels the need for change in the western way of thinking. It is widely said that America engages people in what Americans visualize as their victims’ deeds in the future. On watching the video, we understand it is said to have vaguely compared Islamic conflict with the Zio-cons. Muslims refer to this kind of comparison as absurd because the so called Zio-cons clearly understand that they are lying.

The video also assumes that 9-11 incident that occurred in the United States of America was not a fabricated pennant attack. This is one of the very irritating part of the film, however the filmmaker forefended the matter, probably so as not to sabotage the chances of having the video shown even though it’s never been aired in the USA. It is also a possibility that the filmmaker also overlooks the Zionism of the Jewish neoconservatives.

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This film has suggested that the Ziocons had an authoritarian visualization for America, and we clearly know that this imagination of the Zioconservertives can only be of a world controlled by Jews and Israel. This video also depicts Leo Strauss as a conservative individual and even goes ahead to suggest that Strauss felt that liberalism led to nihilism. This is untruthful because in the real world, Zionist Jews have always been the main supporters of nihilism and moral contingency. These people use nihilism and moral contingency to break up Non-Jew harmony. This video just like previous lessons shows how Strauss enjoyed the cowboy gun idea. In the real world, Zionists would be ecstatic at Americans who would be willing to kill and die for them.

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