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This paper puts into perspective the United States's public policy on universal healthcare. Public health is a primary concern within States. This case also applies to the United States. The universal healthcare program, famously known as the Obama Care first came up during the campaigns for the United States top seat. The healthcare question sparked outrage from the conservatives who felt that such a move was not ideal. The conservatives mainly felt that a policy of such magnitude could only serve to enlarge the responsibilities of the State, an unwelcome aspect due to the shortcomings associated with a welfare State.

Apparently, in the United States, previously, preference was on having private healthcare arrangements. However, increasing poverty and other factors such as the elderly necessitated having a shift in public policy regarding healthcare in the country. The credit crunch of 2007/8 must have strengthened Obama/s resolve to introduce healthcare reforms.

Since the policy was implemented recently, there are difficulties in explaining or determining how effective it has been. Irrespective of the limited data on the policy outcomes, it is predictable that the policy has helped to address health inadequacies and disparities in the United States since every citizen can obtain healthcare services. Similarly, questions centering on effectiveness are often matters of judgment or perception. Consequently, it would be difficult to discern the effects of such policies.

If I were the president, modifying the policy would be a primary concern. For instance, I would propose amendments to the policy on the aspect of universalism. The proposals would introduce changes regarding who qualifies for free healthcare services. As such, only those individuals with below average incomes would be considered for free healthcare services. Though a move of such nature would lead to debates, it is likely to draw the support of sound minds since it is logical to assist those who are unable as opposed to helping every person.

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