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Free Example of Readings in List 2 and in List 1 Essay

How do the readings in List 2 respond to reading in List 1?
According to the list one, Lisa’s theory of moral underground is due to the unfairness in payment of the poor people who are from the humble and poor background. This means that the poor people are not able to satisfy their daily needs hence their managers give them food to carry to their family home. This shows that they care for the well-being of others. Also, let us look at the Michelle Alexander’s theory of The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness which entails teaching people the principle of accepting the ex-convicts back to the society fully. In this, ex-convicts are not given shelter hence become beggars and make threat to the people. These two concepts respond to Frances Fox Piven, Chapter. 8, "The Nature of Disruptive Power" (2006) which essentially urges for cooperation in achieving a common goal. This is crucial because when people act and raise their needs in one voice, it will be easier for them to get their desires faster than one goes on his/her own. The second list responds to the first list in that it tends to empower and encourage people to fight for their rights. It advocated for many people or group of them to corporate since only through that the people with power will listen to their grievances and act upon thtem. The disruptive power has been necessary because once people are aware of the problem, they have various options of advocating for their rights such as through riots, rallies, and marches among other means that are acceptable.

Do the List 2 readings substantiate or challenge the argument made in the List 1 reading?
Readings in the second list challenge the first list in the sense that they advice that people have the power to change their position as they want, and all they need is the strong will and harmony. When people come together with the aim of attaining one goal, nothing can stop them regardless of the obstacles they get on the way. In terms of economics, they will be able to challenge the government to provide products at a subsidized price so that even the people who do not earn enough can be able to get their daily bread.
In the case of Michelle Alexander, she challenges the idea that we should accept the ex-convict back to the community in a positive way. This includes them being given job opportunities without people are reformed, and they will be useful in the economy.
People in power show always respect to the minor in the society. They should take the initiative of educating people about their basic rights and freedoms and how to go about them. In the end, this will result in a better and easier way of communicating with the authority. (Dodson, 2007).
Another challenge will be that, according to Lisa, the managers should have the responsibility of airing the grievances of the employees to their seniors so that they can be able to get decent wages to feed their family.

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In order to accomplish it, you will have to include a discussion of the main claims made by each author to focus on. 
(Lisa, 2009) urges that the moral underground is due to the unfairness in our society. For example, she talked with three people in business who confirmed to her that most of the wages they paid their employees are not enough to meet their daily needs. The employers or the managers would go an extra mile to provide their employees with food to take home since the $6 or $8 dollar they earn cannot sustain them. The economy is also to be blamed for the unfair payment of wages to the people earning little income. The government should have a way of seeing that everyone is able to meet their daily basics; be it in terms of reducing the prices of commodities or giving the alternation way of getting income. Lisa advocates that people should take responsibility to fight against unfair treatment of workers.

(Alexander, 2011) urges that people will always have a mentality of negativeness toward anyone who has ever been convicted of a crime. This will continue even when they are set free after serving their sentence in prison. This makes the convict never get employed since no one will be willing to give the job for fear that they might commit crimes. This results in the convicts being segregated from the community, therefore, not productive. Most of the convicts spend their days in the cold because people including their families are not willing to shelter them. They end up homeless and begging in the streets.
Piven (2006) in the nature of disruptive power urges that power is based  on the capability of controlling wealth and forces in the economy. This is clearly seen in terms of rich and poor, leaders and citizen; basically this is defined in terms of superior and inferior. This will result in oppression of the poor by those in power.
In this, argument that when either labor is withheld, the production will not be there and vice versa. This in general means that they all have to work together to accomplish a set objective. When this lack of the corporation is not there, Piven refers to it as disruptive power. Piven says that people have power and they can control how they produce and how the government should act. The people have the ability to demonstrate, have their slogans and rallies where they will raise their needs. For power to be real, it has to cooperate to achieve the end goal. When people are united,  it will be remarkably easy for the government to adhere to their needs and even implement the policies faster.
Disruptive power is seen as disorderly by the social movements, but, it in the end, it brings better results such as in Egypt.
How have the List 2 choices influenced your opinion of the claims of the List 1 reading? They demonstrate they will have the security protection.
The claims in the second list tend to be more of individualistic nature where each one has to work on his own. This means that no matter what means they use, it will not be so responsive like when in the first list of many. With disruptive power, people can be able to lay down their tools, go on go-slow, and, finally, the authority will realize their enormous influence in the society.
My opinion has also been influenced in the sense that it has been aggressive due to its nature, but it is a power strategic way of solving issues without anything being hidden; this means that the public knows what the issues are and how far they have been discussed, and what the resolution has been put forward.
In terms of security, those who took part in demonstrations, rallies, and marches are given protection by the authority since it is their constitutional right.
In conclusion, these aspects have been put forward to educate people about what are legally their rights and how to fight for them. This helps them to avoid being on the wrong side of the law; they are aware of the required procedure to advocate for their rights.

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