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According to Fisher, Rayner, and Belgard (1995), effective and regular communication is a key to ensuring the progress of the project, identifying probable problems, and seeking for suggestions from team members to improve the performance of the project. As the head of the project, it is vital for Carly to maintain good communication with all her team members without discrimination. It seems that Carly sees Morris more as a threat than as an asset to the project. The success of a project is enhanced when there is diversity in the team members in terms of their knowledge, expertise, ideas and experience (Fisher, Rayner, & Belgard, 1995). However, it is the same diversity that creates conflict as seen in this case study. The fact that Carly sees Morris as a threat may have developed into hatred, because she thinks that the team member can easily replace her owing to his higher educational level, and therefore, she does not want any interaction or communication with him. On the other hand, Morris feels that his boss dislikes him and that is why she treats him unfairly, making him have no ground to initiate a conversation with her.
How do you think each of them would respond to this type of conversation? Explain.
If Carly and Morris were to have a conversation to resolve their differences, there would be varied responses from the two parties. For instance, Carly would accuse Morris of disrespect for her because of her low educational level. From the case study, it is evident that he constantly opposes her in front of the entire team. On the other hand, Morris would feel discriminated and unfairly treated. One thing is clear about this case: Carly lacks confidence in her leadership and managerial skills, and that makes her disassociate with people who she feels are better than her.
What is the biggest problem with the way these team members interact?
There is a lack of communication and cooperation among the team members and that explains why the project is not progressing at the expected pace. Carly should realize that it takes the efforts of all the team members to make a project successful, because each of them plays a different role in the project. By discriminating against Morris, she disheartens him so that he cannot perform his duties well. This in turn affects the other team membersí performance, thus resulting in a project delay.
What could they do to remedy the problem? Explain.
Remedying the problem starts with Carly since she is the project manager. As mentioned above, effective communication is vital to the success of every project, and therefore, Carly should realize that she was wrong and should make peace with Morris, and start treating him in the same way she treats the other team members. This will make Morris feel a part of the team, and together, all the team members will work hard to accomplish the project before the set date of release of the new system in the market.
Do you think Carly should continue to serve as project manager? Explain.
As the supervisor of the corporation, I have great confidence in the ability of Carly to continue to work as the Project Manager, taking into consideration her past exemplary records with the company; and therefore, the misunderstanding between her and Morris is not a reason for her to step down. Every project has its own problems; what matters is how they are handled. I believe that Carly can handle this problem and oversee the project to completion.
How would you begin to address this situation? Come up with a plan to remedy this problem?
According to Nelson (1995), direct approach is the best method of solving team conflicts. It involves confronting the issues head-on. Though it may be uncomfortable to the parties concerned, it provides a space to tackle issues objectively. Therefore, I will call a private meeting with Carly and Morris, on which I will expect them to openly talk about their differences, and together agree on how they are going to work together. I will also emphasize to both of them the urgency and significance of the project and that they must cooperate and communicate with each other for the sake of the project.
Outline a plan for getting the project back on track for the January 1 release.
After meeting with Carly and Morris and ensuring that there are no hard feelings between them, I will call for a meeting involving all the project team members, including Carly, to thank them for their input in the project, and to emphasize to them how important teamwork and effective communication are to the projectís success (Weiss, 1997). I will also remind them of the deadline to be met to enable them work harder to accomplish the project in time.
The project members were Pette, Brian and me, and the project objectives were: a) to analyze the general impact of human resource outsourcing on performances of organizations, and b) to find out how outsourcing training and payroll activities affect organizational performance. Data collection involved sending questionnaires to the Chief Executive Officers of 500 randomly selected companies (small, medium and large) based in the United States. Out of the 500 questionnaires sent, 50 of them were returned unfilled. The results of the survey showed that HR outsourcing has a significant impact on organizational performance. In addition, both outsourcing of training and payroll activities enhance innovation performance. The study revealed that firms that entrust their payroll and training activities to external specialists tend to focus more on those activities that result in innovation and other forms of competitive advantage. The project was concluded by recommending to all firms to focus on high-valued activities that create competitive advantage to the organization and to outsource those activities that add little value to the company.
Factors that Negatively Contributed to Group Performance
One of the factors that negatively contributed to our groupís performance was limited time available. The group had only one month to accomplish the project. That meant that we had to sacrifice personal time to have more time for meetings. The group met for three hours every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays to plan on proposal writing, data collection and analysis of the project findings. This was strenuous for the group members considering that there were also other classes to attend. At some point, some members could not attend the meetings due to other commitments and that slowed down the progress of the project. Another factor that negatively affected group performance was the unresponsiveness of some CEOs during data collection. As mentioned above, some questionnaires were returned unfilled and that meant that we had to work with only the complete ones. In some way, it demoralized us to the extent that we lost hope of continuing with the project due to the fear of not being able to obtain significant results.†

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