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Responsible character requires some form of being liable for ones action. This can refer to the society, authority or oneself. It involves performing of satisfactory activity or duty. Moreover, the care and trustworthy is an essential part of the responsibility. Responsibility involves one`s actions, which are taken into consideration. This is proved by Bowen H. McCoy, “Parable of the Sadhu” and “Bloody Sunday” by U2. They show how stress and environment can make one perform some actions that are questionable. Choices are made by individuals to know what is right and what is wrong. One has the responsibility of choosing between doing right, or wrong. All actions are to be accountable.

The ability to choose the right action to perform, always gives a person an opportune moment. The decisions that are made are meant to test reveal and shape an individual. These actions help to survive in the environment where one is staying. The parable shows that failure of Sadhu to take a stand were a critical moment for his survival (McCoy 12). The decision requires one to live with them whether they are wrong or right. These are the defining moments in life, and they make one worry on whether the best choice was made.

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Sadhu chose to take the desperate route, which was high instead of a more convenient one that was more travelled and safe. This made Bowen question his decision. He wondered why he was almost naked, shoeless, and for how long he was lying at the pass. All the questions were not solving or providing a solution to the problem at hand. He had to make a decision. The decision was to take a responsibility. Bowen had to be compassionate to Sadhu who was at the verge of death. He took a decision to help, but, the problem was, he was trying to decide on a conflict and not deciding to solve it. A decision that was mage allows a person to stay alive.

Decisions are made in everyday activities. The people, who were with Bowen in the mountain, had to make decisions. Each one had his own way of reacting to the Sadhu case. The New Zealander made a decision to carry Sadhu, where his colleagues had a rest.   He was compassionate enough. He saw that Sadhu was suffering and shivering probably from hypothermia and needed help (Thomas 79). Although he did this favor to Sadhu, he was upset and angry. This shows that he was not that compassionate. He cared for his own actions as he wanted to get to the pass before the snow was melted by the bright sun. He felt that he had done enough and left other responsibilities to Bowen and his colleagues. They care for him and leave him behind. Through their journey, they keep on remembering Sadhu. All the people who came across Sadhu did something to him, but none was willing to carry him back to the village. At last, no one was aware what had happened to Sadhu.

This brings up an ethical dilemma as people are not sure of either continuing with their climbing of the pass or taking Sadhu back to the village. This lack of responsibility brings stress on making the right decision on the action to take. Taking responsibility would have helped to ease the stress. Carrying Sadhu back to the village would have solved this situation. In addition, helping Sadhu to be in a position to go back to the village or dying during the process of caring would have stopped the stress. This was possible as a decision was easy to make and anyone can take responsibility of the action they took. None of the people showed responsibility and no actions.. They did not want to be inconvenienced. Therefore, they just did what they could to help, but did not want to have any responsibility.

Individual behaviors are what at times lead to no taking responsibility. People tend to be overshadowed by a group thus making it inflexible for an individual to see a sense in making a responsible decision in case they are in a group. Most situations require ethical solutions to avoid negligence of responsibility.  Responsibility overrides people’s goals and objectives in any situation. The conditions like the environment can make one have difficulty in being responsible.

Resentment is a barrier to being responsible. This can be shown in organizations where making ethical decisions is a problem, most employees resent to new changes often leading to riots and strikes. They do little to consider their actions. They do make irrational decisions and only become responsible of their actins after things go out of their hands. They later stay with the guilt, after reacting to situations without thinking rationally. Each person needs to take responsibility of his actions. Thus, individual ethics comes into the mind and a failure should be directed to an individual as opposed to a group. To avoid group failure, people need to have a direction. This can be achieved by having a group leader, having a consensus, and an objective or sense of reason.

In the song “Bloody Sunday” by U2, it is shown how responsibility of one’s action is significant. The action of the bloody Sunday is contrasted to the Easter Sunday. This is the day when Christians and Protestants celebrate peace, yet there is a massacre taking place. The responsibility of the killing was on the Lieutenant and Captain who led the operation (Kootnikoff 34). This shows how a group can be led to make decisions which can be wrong. The actions of the battalion led to the deaths and thus; they are held accountable. The shooting took place, yet the protestors were unarmed. The army took the responsibility instead of the paramilitaries as they are the ones who led the action. The action brings up emotions and resentment from the people. This depicts the result and repercussions of wrong actions. The song shows that responsible actions bring about unity to the people who have one goal, or objective.

Responsibility should be carried in all actions, whether political, religious, or for personal gains. The actions of the military led to wild protests that led to much political instability in Ireland. Music can be used to chart and call for responsible actions. This is so as it is possible to change people or generations as indicated in the song. In addition, the parable and song teach on how responsibility should be handled. The song gives an ethical angle to the event that took places.

Most people feel that doing actions that are only satisfactory to themselves is enough. This does not depict responsibility.  Doing one`s part in the society is not enough. One has to be accountable for his actions on others and the environment. Obligation and responsibility in the society are required for accountability purposes (Ryan 54). This is significant in competitive work of the organizations. Ethical decisions, in case of dilemmas, are needed. These organizations require asset of rules or good conduct guidelines for their employees, what help employees to be responsible for their actions. The rules give guidelines on how the employees should act, and the values that are required of them in the organization. This helps to avoid blames and lack of accountability. The rules help in decision making and daily duties. Moreover, they help in following ethical standards and achieving the goals and objectives of organizations.

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