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The company could continue on its current path without changing anything. However, this would be the least effective action it could do since it is looking to increasing its viability and profits. This course would do nothing for the employees and it would also affect the company’s growth. The company could lay off the employees and this would go a long way towards the company survival, company’s profitability and growth, but very little or nothing towards employee job stability and benefits. This option is only better for the overall company health and the benefit to employees who wish to remain. Global Communications could outsource because outsourcing would be good for the company’s survival and it would be good for the profits and growth potential of the company. On the other hand, outsourcing would be very bad fort the employee jobs and employee benefits. Another alternative is that Global Communications could diversify or form partnerships with other companies because it is good for the company’s survival, profitability and growth. The diversification is also not as harsh on the employee’s job retention and benefits (McPhail L. 2010).

The company could choose to let all the things run the way they are running. The company will continue losing market share and may be taken over by a competitor. This would be dangerous to the company and the employees. The only act to assist with this situation is the stringent control of the costs and reducing the spending levels. Layoffs are very demoralizing. Many people lose the company loyalty or the organizational commitment. They do not have any emotional attachment to the identification with and involvement in a particular organization. A second option for the company is layoffs whose threat is one of the greatest blows to the employee loyalty, even among the people whose jobs are not at immediate risk. While this would have a high rating towards the survival of the company and relatively strong ratings for profit and growth, it would rank very low for the employee benefits and jobs. Since people are the ones who make a company what it is, having a layoff would leave the company in a very bad situation when attempting to hire new employees and assuming that their strategy to turn the company’s fortunes around will succeed. Some mitigating factors could offer retention incentives to key employees and can be reserved in the layoff sweep. Layoff as selectively as possible, so as to avoid having a big layoff and a hiring phase a relatively short time later. A well rated option was outsourcing. This outsourcing option ranks equally to layoffs with a value of about 3.29. It scored higher in employee benefits, but much lower in profits. Obviously, all the options rank low on the employee jobs and benefits goals. This option’s risk is the high employee dissatisfaction and the risk of substandard customer service.

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Many times when off shoring to other countries, language barrier is difficult to overcome. Some mitigating efforts include putting a freeze on hiring at the higher paying call center and implementing a reduced expansion call center in India and have language training classes at the new call centers. The best option was diversifying with partners. This had high marks for survival of the company and medium to high marks for growth, profits, employee jobs and benefits. Of all the options, this appears to be the best solution. Both the employees and the leadership get to keep the company moving. The profits and growth are viable. The employees do not necessarily lose their jobs and their benefits are intact.

Optimal Solution. The optimal solution for Global Communications is for the company to be involved and forming partnerships and holding off on the outsourcing of jobs to other countries such as Ireland and India. Global Communications leadership team needs to communicate more openly to employees and in a richer medium. The leadership needs to keep in mind its employees’ job satisfaction as a motivational keystone of employee commitment to the company. The leadership also needs to keep in mind that the emotions evoked by all the changes are strong and will motivate many people to look elsewhere for employment if their need for stability is not met in the company.

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