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The roles of men and women have greatly changed in modern societies. The roles that women played in traditional societies are very different from what they are now playing in the modern societies. Women can now compete for careers in offices as well as attend schools and receive degrees. This was not the case in the ancient times, whereby women used to perform only domestic chores. The changes in gender roles have resulted to changes in family settings where the rate of divorce has been on the rise resulting to an increase in single parenthood in the recent past.

The question as to whether women need men as outlined in the first article is something that raises a debate. I totally disagree with the opinion of the writer of the article that women need men in order to accomplish various selected functions. Men are very important in family life as they play a crucial role in building a strong family. Even though many studies do show that the majority of women do not need men, the reasons behind their claim are self-defeating.

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The majority of women seeking divorce claim that their husbands are irresponsible, and they do little to make the lives of their families better. I agree that there may be men, who are irresponsible and do not invest in families, as some of the studies carried out have shown and it is evident in the article. However, this does not mean that men lose their place in the family life or in their partnerís life. Seeking for a divorce because your husband is irresponsible does not solve the problem at hand. There is the need for women to understand that men are like any other human being, and they do have weaknesses. Women need to stand by their men in an effort of making more responsible men out of their irresponsible behaviors.

On the other hand, the majority of professional women do argue that they do not need men, since they can provide for their families without the help of their husbands. Indeed, some women have better paying careers than their husbands, but this does not make their men irrelevant in their lives. With the changes in family settings women need to understand that they can also earn income for their families without necessarily having to wait for men to provide everything. Women should understand that their children need a father figure that is fundamental for their growth. Men play an important role of providing parental care and being a role model in the family. Children need the attention and care of their fathers for them to develop normally. Studies have shown that children who have been brought up in a single motherís family tend to have weaker morality and vaguely established values in comparison to those brought up in a complete family, where there is a father and a mother figure. Therefore, it is imperative for women, who think that they can bring up their children without their husband, to understand that men play a vital role in the development of a child both socially and psychologically.

Finally, I strongly agree that women should not have unrealistic expectation from their men. The article does show that the majority of the divorced women say that they are now happier compared to the time period, when they used to live with their husbands/men. The studies also indicate that the majority of women claim that they cannot go back to their husbands, whom they used to stay with. The high expectations that women have for men make them disappointed, when these expectations are not fulfilled. This dissatisfaction prompts women to take the easy route of leaving/ divorcing their partner. Even though men should try to live up to the expectations of their spouses, women, on the other hand, should understand that men are human beings and can sometimes fail to live up to their expectation. With this realization the rate of divorce will reduce in our societies. I can therefore conclude and say that women need men in their lives.

On the second question of how media has influenced our views on traditional roles of male and female, I strongly agree that the traditional roles are still needed. The media has brought about different views on the traditional roles of male and female in the modern society. Most of the programs carried in our media advocate for the changes in traditional roles, whereby men and women can now play the traditional roles that used to be played by either men or women.

I agree with the view of the second article on gender roles, which claims that traditional roles help one in making his/her body fit. Even though any one can put food on the table, the author of the article argues that some roles, which are now viewed as odd by modern women, such as domestic chores, plays a crucial role in healthy living of the individual involved in them. The articles gives an example of an executive lady, who says that even though she works in the office, she still does perform the domestic chores, which are traditionally considered to be for women. The traditional roles should remain, even if there is the need for alterations in order to ensure that one gender is not overworked.

Men should also take up the role of helping their women in performing domestic chores such as cooking and washing. They should appreciate the fact that things have changed in the modern society, where women can now work in offices and earn income, which is the role that was traditionally considered as being for men.

In conclusion, there is the need for all of us to embrace traditional gender roles and improve them rather than doing away with them as the media advocates. Traditional roles are still needed for continuous growth and existence of the family institution.

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