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Is the Internet really safe? People have been looking for the answer to this question for many years. As a result, it brings us to a huge discussion since it divided people into two blocs: for and against the Internet. In this essay, I will try to explain both the reason for this division and some consensus on this discussion.

The first thing to discuss is the unsafe Internet. Undoubtedly, the Internet has a bad influence on people’s health in a way that it makes people addicted to the Internet or that it takes too much time which can be spent for benefits. This information is known by each of us, so there is a need to concentrate on the other things. First of all, the Internet provides us with a variety of things which can be considered as dangerous (especially for children): violence, porn, online games, etc. One of the most dangerous things is choking games during which participants are trying to choke themselves to death. It can sound as a joke. However, this game becomes more and more popular each day, and participants explain it as some kind of “safe drugs” which are given them just before they die. Moreover, stalkers or child predators are able to find much information about a person. This kind of game gives intruders an opportunity to find a way to control a person, to become close with a child and, as a result, this game facilitates committing crime or violence towards children.

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Another common problem is not brought more by people than by the Internet. As we know, the Internet is a huge source of information. That is why we need to use it wisely. However, not all of us do it. Many of us are trying to treat themselves without going to the doctor. There can be different reasons: distrust to doctors, lack of insurance, lack of time, overestimation of capacities, skills and knowledge, etc. These actions often have horrible consequences and sometimes bring such person to death.

The next problem is that we share too much information. Particularly teenagers are addicted to social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. They provide all the information they can: personal information, location, ideas; they also provide information about their life, habits and emotions, some intimate information. Online stalkers and fraudsters, who were already mentioned above, have an easy access to this information which they eagerly use. It is easy to track a person, find where he or she lives and even to understand their life schedule.

One of the most common mistakes made by most consumers is that they think that their information is always protected by the company which has this information. However, as we are the owners of it, we need to protect it ourselves. Even if the company provides you with the necessary security and takes an obligation to protect our personal information, we still need to remember that each web site is not safe from attack. That is why we need to be careful with the information we provide.

What mistakes do we also do ourselves? The best answer is the usage of the same password for multiple sites. Hacker who broke your password once, gets access to other of your connections is a seconds. We also have to remember that not every link is safe. It can wipe out your computer and even some information which is stored on our computers can be sent to hacker (even e-mails). This brings us to another problem: some people do not have antivirus or do not update it. This negligence can also be a foundation for an easy use of one’s personal information. For example, having downloaded pirated music, video or a movie to your computer, you automatically download all other viruses which come along with the file you actually wanted to download. These file-shaping web sites share the same security weakness. That is why we either need to scan these files ourselves or have a good security operational system, which is aimed to scan each downloaded file and to delete the danger which appears on the computer.

And the last thing – people do not pay attention to danger, they would rather skip this information. That is why instead of learning what danger the Internet can bring, people are trying to convince themselves that any harm will not be done to them. People want to choose convenience, but not a security (as if it is a barrier to exercise their habits). We need to remember that malware is not seasonal and is works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in each part of the world.

Unfortunately, our today’s life is too closely connected to the Internet and there is no opportunity for us to avoid it. It is also impossible to say that it has no advantages. Many business conferences are held via Skype, which also connect people and families together while participants are in different parts of the world. Moreover, Skype-trainings are becoming quite popular and they enable people to learn, for example, languages while speaking with native speakers. Pupils and children can receive much information, which is actually useful in their studying; shopping, music, video, movies are also a great opportunity to spend time staying home with friends or relatives, saving money and also do it with pleasure.

There is no need to distrust each web site. Firstly, we need to make a small research and find information about it. Those of them which are poorly programmed and designed or do not provide consumers with enough information about security are to be treated as dangerous one (ZDNet). Other of them can be trusted but within the limits. It is better to refrain from providing private information if there is a feeling that web site can be dangerous. However, Paypal is a good example to prove that not all web sites are dangerous. Millions of people use it to transfer money from one account to another one without fear.

We can make the Internet safe by our own actions. We should avoid giving too much personal information on such sites as MySpace, Twitter or Facebook. Moreover, some of the information can be false, i.e. full name, physical address or age. We must remember that the Internet is safe until we use it wisely. Each of us must be very cautious when looking for information or meeting new people online (“How to Be Safe on Internet”). To sum up, we can underline three rules which are to make of use of Internet safe: protect your personal information and identity, protect your connection and download safely.

As we see, all features which the Internet has have dual character: they can be considered as advantages and benefits but, at the same time, they can provoke different threats. At the beginning of the essay, the question was asked: is the safety of the Internet a myth or reality? Taking into consideration all the facts mentioned above, we can say that it is a myth which at one day can become a reality. There are several steps to make is real. First of all, the government is to check the information which is going to be published on the Internet. However, it is quite hard as in this case many people will say that their freedom of speech will be violated. That is why it will take some time to find a proper way out of this situation: to protect people from the Internet information which can have bad influence on people of different ages and to make these restrictions legitimate according to the national law.

Nevertheless, the best way to make the Internet safe for us is to make it safe ourselves. We need to ask a question: do we need the safe Internet? The answer is obvious. Moreover, all instructions about how to do it can be easily found and followed. In addition, it is parents’ duty to protect a child from the bad influence which the Internet can make, and it is not a good idea to rely on fate and just to hope that everything will be fine (“What makes the Internet unsafe?”). Many programs which separate and divide information taken from the Internet are invented. We should not save money by avoiding purchase of these programs. Nowadays, our security is our main interest, need and job.

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