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Free Example of Same-Sex Marriages Essay

Same-Sex Marriage Essay Example

Same-sex marriage refers to a marriage union between two people of the same sex. Same-sex marriages are also referred to as gay marriages (Friedman 7). It refers to the process by which two persons who have the same biological sex come together and live as husband and wife.

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Although certain countries such as Canada, Spain and Sweden have allowed same-sex marriages, most countries still do not allow such a practice. Similarly, many traditional communities as well as religions have not fully incorporated the idea of same-sex marriages in their beliefs, values and practices. For instance, most communities in Africa consider gay marriages as evil and immoral. In the United States of America, marriages between gays are only recognized in California State (Alsenas 23).

Why Gay Marriages Should be Allowed

In the recent past, gay marriages have sparked scorching debates across various nations and communities all over the world. Various views have been expressed to support or object to the same-sex marriages. Most governments are involved in heated debates as far as legalizing of the same-sex marriages is concerned. Gay people who ceased hiding their sexual orientations in order to get married have increasingly received harsh maltreatment and intolerable discriminations. This essay looks at various reasons as to why same-sex marriages should be allowed.

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  1. Firstly, when gay and lesbian people are denied a chance to get married, they get stigmatized. Denial of the right to marry a person of one’s own choice is a violation of human rights and freedoms (Strasser 83). It is a form of minority discrimination based on the gender of an individual.
  2. Secondly, it is only through gay marriages that homosexual persons can fully express their sexual orientations. If they are not allowed to marry, their sexualities are suppressed.
  3. Thirdly, heterosexual marriages were traditionally advocated because they give the couples an opportunity to have families and bring up children. However, in the modern world, children can be adopted. Therefore, same-sex marriages should not be disregarded due to the traditional beliefs, as it was the practice in the past. Today, gay couples can adopt children if they want to do so.
  4. Fourthly, for a long time, marriage has been viewed as a source of economic support for the couples. In my view, gay people should also be allowed to marry one another so they could get equal opportunities to support their spouses both financially and economically.
  5. Fifthly, married partners often derive psychological, emotional and physical benefits or comfort from each other. As Eskridge and Spedale put across, recent research has revealed that denying gay people a chance to marry has led to increased suicide rates, negative behavioral changes such as isolation from other people, hostilities towards others, poor health as well psychological disorders (59). I would, therefore, advocate that allowing same-sex marriages would enable gay couples receive social and emotional support from their marriages. This will eventually result in strong physical health and peaceful state of mind for the married partners. Similarly, gay couples will develop improved psychological wellbeing.
  6. Additionally, there is no proof that gay marriages may harm societal values such as roles and responsibilities of husband and wife in the family (Gozemba & Kahn 44). Thus, there is no need to rebuff or reject a practice that does not harm anybody in the society.
  7. Last but not least, requiring homosexuals to practice heterosexual marriages is like forcing them to change their sexual identities. Sexual identity is a natural attribute that a person lacks the power to control or change (Roleff 162). Thus, it is necessary for the society to accept these people unconditionally.


In conclusion, prohibiting of same-sex marriages is a way of infringing and flouting the rights of gay people based on their gender and sexual orientation. In my opinion, all people should receive equal treatment regardless of their sexual preferences. Similarly, denying a chance for gay people to marry is to disallow them to express their sexuality fully and in a manner that brings out their personal fulfillment. Not allowing same-sex marriages is a social injustice; hence, it should be condemned and stopped.

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