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Free Example of Screen Writing Essay

Screenwriting is the art and a unique literary form more like a musical score, it is supposed to be interpreted on the basis of other artists' performance, rather than a complete structure for the audiences to enjoy. For this reason, a screenplay is written using technical slang and strong, spare phraseology when describing stage directions. the literal, visual aspects of the story is emphasized while writing the screen play rather than on the internal thoughts of its characters. In screenwriting, the aim is to evoke those thoughts and emotions through subtext, action, and symbolism. Writing for film is potentially one of the most high-profile careers available to a writer. Shelly marshal in her review for the book psychology for screenwriters by William Indick ,describes the screenwriters as the frustrated psychiatrists, the judgment is rather true in its essence because when it comes to describe the screenwriters they somehow built up their own world and live in it with a unique conscience ,to come up with ideas that shakes the audience , the more beautiful they write the more money the organization makes and it all sums up to giving the writer a best career to lead in. Yet sometimes the organizations have so many people already submitting their writings that it gets increasingly difficult to make a living, the best example for this would be Hollywood.

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One of the most common jobs of screen writing includes is spec script writing, feature assignment writing, rewriting and script doctoring and television writing .

Spec script writing is a sample teleplay written to demonstrate the writer's ability to imitate its style and conventions, it is written by the writer on his own and not written without a contract with the producer.

Feature assignment writings are the screenplays under contract with the studios, it has got less creative freedom as compared to that of spec script writing.

Rewriting and script doctoring includes the editing of the original script and it is not necessarily be done by the original writer himself, the ones who edit it are generally known as the ‘script doctors’

In television writing a freelance television writer uses spec scripts and reputation to get contracted by a TV show for writing one or more episodes, once it is submitted the polishing is required, usually done by the shows staff itself.

Apart from TV there are video games and soap operas as well for which the screen writings are usually written

Screenplays have set of structures in place that includes proper formatting that can be utilized in grooming an amateur to become a professional. It is very important to do the accurate formatting and keep it as simple as possible, as the script would have the chances to be rejected very quickly. There are practical reasons for this. An incorrectly formatted script can be very difficult for actors to read from, when testing the script out, so it is required for the writer to at least be consistent.

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Tone is the most important aspect of the screenwriting format ,if the tone is not clear then the readers might sway away which is not a nice point.

Every writer has it’s own way of writing and it generally depends how impressive he can write which will automatically make his readers like him and likely to get a good share from them This is also part of why it is very important to introduce your characters using an anecdote – because the scene in which you introduce us to them will be within your genre and also should hit the tone clearly. All of these elements work together to paint a very clear picture for the reader.

Just like that some writers use their skills to twist their writing in a way where they try to surprise their readers which makes it look even more interesting and impressive.

Many times writers will treat darker, grittier subject matter with a rather light, broad tone. I call this the “bright-eyed Disney Family movie syndrome.” The voice they use in the prose could be applied to a comedy or light-hearted family movie, and yet they’re writing about darker, more serious life-and-death subject matters. It disturbs me. Ever the optimist, I assume these writers are so naïve that they don’t understand that their tone insults their story, because to look at a real-life dark situation with Disney Princess eyes is, to my mind, a little psychotic. It’s like Ariel the Little Mermaid writing “Deliverance.” Wrong in so many ways. If you are writing darker material, the voice used in the writing shouldn’t be bright eyed but rather dark. The way in which the prose is written should evoke the feeling that you want the subject matter to communicate.

Conversely, if you’re trying to write a Disney Family movie, then keep it lighter in tone and write around the rape scene. In all honesty, I am not a consumer of the Disney Channel, and so I shouldn’t really comment on something I know nothing about. I just think it’s funny. I did unfortunately watch one episode of that ABC Family Molly Ringwald teen show that was on in.

You can think about tone in eliciting the expected emotional response from your reader as prompted within your genre. When I read a horror, I want to feel afraid. When I read a comedy, I want to laugh out loud and have fun with it. When I read a romantic comedy, I want to fall in love. It is all about eliciting emotion from the reader. The more evocative you can be in the creation of your world and characters, the better.

Screen writing is getting so important and vast that especially for training people for it big institutes are even offering courses so that people might learn and produce even more better stuff.

These courses  appeal to applicants interested in digital filmmaking, screenwriting, and film analysis. The programme is designed to allow you to develop the creative, critical and professional skills that are important within cinema, television and related cultural industries. You will gain experience in key areas of production such as research and scriptwriting, camera and sound operation, and current post-production techniques. The University is well-equipped with current digital film technology, television studios, and performance spaces.

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