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Free Example of Selecting a Major Essay

Selecting a major was a tough decision that I had to make during one of the most demanding periods of my life – preparation to leave my home and move to the United States. I barely finished school, but the level of responsibility I was expected to show was as of a grown up man – I was deciding on my own future. Despite everything, mentioned above, I was not sure what I was up to at most and my life goals were still not clear to me. I was fully confident of one thing – choosing a major meant finding a future job to love and be able to stick with it forever. Striving to find my own path in life, I stumbled upon the answer to the ultimate question of my life by a mere accident. I followed the offer of one medical equipment and engineering company and signed a contract to work for them. It was while working for this company that I became totally involved in bioinformatics and medical engineering and felt it being a part of me. Personal involvement and dedication allowed me to progress in the career pass. I managed to do so since I was spending extra hours at work, studying company prospects and brochures, doing my personal research on the company and thus earning myself a position of the company promoter during the nation and worldwide advertising events. Good knowledge in the area allowed me to become a team leader and I really enjoyed organizing my colleagues in the appropriate manner to represent our company as a leader in its business sector as well.

I was never discouraged by the way senior experts smiled at me, suggesting my young age as an obstacle to being a professional. I knew my knowledge was going beyond my age. At the age of 23 I successfully changed my job to a sales manager at a different medical equipment company in Tehran. It was specializing in the distribution of cancer treatment equipment and I could research this area as well. I managed to work as a sales manager, combining my main duties with personal research in the field, which included counseling with company experts. This way I was developing my interest in bioengineering, getting the feeling I was a walking encyclopedia on bioengineering stronger every day. I believe I made my choice in a right way since researching medical equipment and studying bioengineering also allowed me to become more intelligent in all spheres of life, thus being a fully intellectual expert in one field and standing on the solid ground in other fields. I feel this major might allow me helping other people in direct and indirect ways. I am really willing to do my best to contribute to it. I am confident University of California is the place that will definitely help me grow to a real professional, earn more experience in the area and live a decent life of a good citizen.

Life often hits us at the most unexpected moment. My life story goes on the same principle. One minor mistake in the visa emission process separated me from my family for seven years, and made me change my own life dramatically. I was left all on my own at the age of 17, the age most young people are still considered teenagers, requiring the most attention and support from their parents. I had support, coming from my grandparents, but I knew I had to make my own living and get grown up as there was no other way out.

I could not feel sorry for myself all the time, as I needed to take some good actions to keep on living and developing. So I was taking care of my own support – my grandparents, who left me all on my own in a few years, as they both passed away almost at the same time. While my peers were deciding on which school to choose, lots of them getting married, I had no other choice as to study, educate myself. I knew my English was not perfect, so I kept studying it as well. My high school teacher gave me a valuable advice I used – I started teaching English for the students from the low-income families. I solved a few of my problems by taking such a step. First, I has a lot of communication with other people, filling in for the lack of my family, and I felt happy helping others for free, being proud of myself for what I have been doing. Finally, I was fully involved in the academic environment. I did not stop at what I reached at that point. In order to develop as a person and realize myself in diverse directions I started taking dancing classes, enjoying learning the national dances. Being an artistic person I enjoyed drawing and could throw an exhibit of my own works in a little while after I started doing this.

Success did not come alone to me. I spent hours working hard to succeed in what I was striving for, and overcome dozens of obstacles. The key element was in handling them, as in order to make a step up I had to tackle and solve the issues, not simply bypass them, as I knew they would have come back to me again and again. Life was my greatest teacher, bringing in examples of good things and bad ones as well. I was learning to be patient, not to lose my temper in order to succeed; I came up with my own way of fighting difficulties. I have learnt the price of reaching the desired goals, and I realized one should sometimes pay more than he gets to get the final result.

I almost reached my end goal when I made a step inside American college classroom. The last step I need to take is to enroll and successfully graduate from the University of California so that my dream would come true.

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