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When money is tight people are trying to minimize their expenses, the same happens when the whole country is experiencing difficulties. This is when people start pointing fingers in direction of areas of study that people believe to be useless at the time of financial crisis. The U.S.A.  Space program is one of those things that are always said to be unnecessarily expensive to the Government. In fact, it is quite a common myth that Space Exploration in US is worth quarter of its budget.

There are many pros to the Space Exploration, much more than normally people can see  in the first glance. (Kay & Bill , 2012) Everybody enjoys their GPS systems when they are going somewhere they have never been before and they immediately start to complain if those maps are incomplete or not precise enough. This can all be fixed with further investment in research of space engineering and satellite improvement.  Also many useful electronic devises that save lives or help make it comfortable are byproducts of space exploration.

There are not that many cons in this situation; the biggest one of them is money. People do not believe that space exploration should be done at such high costs, when there are better things to spend money on, money that come out of the citizen’s pockets.

I believe that U. S Space program should be sustained as all the benefits we receive from it are just byproducts of space program. Meaning, that we get double benefits, the space gets explored and humanity gets so many useful medical gadgets and devises like dialysis pump and acne fighting devise and many more. It would take much more money if to explore and create things given to us by space engineering separately.

The Space is a great mystery to most of the people, even with concrete facts and scientific support they still believe it to be something magical. And the same time this feeling of unknown has haunted many boys who dreamed of being astronauts and flying to the moon one day. However, the question we should ask ourselves is the space exploration is just about flying to the Moon and Mars, or there is something more to it.

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