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Nowadays biometric input devices become very popular and are used for security purposes. There are some advantages and disadvantages of these devices. Advantages are the following: they enhance the security system and are considered to be helpful in preventing terrorist attacks. One of the disadvantages of these devices is compromising of a person’s privacy.

To my mind, biometric devices are helpful when they are used for a computer security. These devices include a fingerprint keyboard, biometric scanner, biometric software, biometric mouse and biometric reader. They can be considered as a good innovation, because they protect personal information from data thieves and hackers. Biometric mouse or fingerprint keyboard is much more effective, then the password; with the help of them only the computer owner can access the computer.

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Though there are some advantages of biometric input devices, there are still more disadvantages. For example, the usage of national ID cards violates civil liberties. A person with a national ID card can be deprived of his rights. A person can be fired if he or she fails to present the necessary papers for employment (in case if national ID card is required for employment). National ID cards became popular after the events of September 11, 2001, but I think that it is only a possibility that these cards could help to prevent terrorist attacks, what really could have prevented those attacks is better security at airports.

 I would like to say that I would not be willing to sign up for a voluntary program, and to work at a job, where the usage of biometric input device is required, because personal information stored in databases only invites security breaches and can lead to an identity fraud. The violation of civil rights cannot be justified by the fact that ID cards can secure borders and prevent terrorism, and there is no proof that biometric systems are accurate.

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