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Free Example of Studying Mathematics Essay

We live in a modern world, and nobody can imagine the life without using different calculations and measurements. In order to guarantee the results of such actions, people use mathematics. It is also used as a constituent of another vitally important science – economics. Combined together, these are these sciences cast the light on the manner of understanding how the modern world functions. That is the reason I chose to major in mathematics and economics, as I believe these two sciences will be essential for my future career and life in overall.

From the early years my interest to mathematics was higher than to any other subjects. It could be easily explained, since I could see the obvious advantages in it. Mathematics allowed to calculate everything precisely, and the answer was always the same despite the way approach to the problem. I enjoyed getting the definite answers to the problems that had to be solved as I could strengthen my knowledge in any are in this way. It was always my idea of perfect learning – the possibility of getting the most accurate answers to the questions raised. Later, when I was a teenager, I tried to understand how the business world works, and my teacher taught me that the best way to learn this is by studying economics.

 Since that time I dedicated a lot of my free time to studying both areas, in the most diverse ways possible.  I took a lot of additional classes to improve my knowledge, striving to be at the top of every class, for the next reasons. Firstly, I wanted to be the most proficient in the area, the most prepared to the challenges that might occur in the future. Secondly, I wanted to become a class leader and develop in this direction as well. In order to do so, I helped those students who could not understand certain points, helped the teachers by creating presentations and volunteering to do the research, the results of which were later presented to the rest of the class. I worked as a volunteer at the summer school, helping younger students who had problems with studying mathematics. I tried to use innovative approaches, as standard solutions were not an option. Same went for economics, as I tried to analyze my own experience and bring on something absolutely new. The fact that students like new ideas is irrefutable, so I did my best to introduce them to those students and make them more aware of the economic facts.

All my efforts did not go in vain. Helping others I learned a lot myself. The first thing that became obvious to me is all the people sometimes need help, and once one becomes experienced enough in the area, it does not mean he or she should not study any more. It took me a little of time to realize this simple truth, as I hit quite a few questions that required reading through some books before I could answer them. This way I did understand that getting one’s skills close to perfection is possible, although there is always something else to learn. The other quality I learned was attitude. Any professional, despite the experience gained and the efforts made cannot make a new step with a wrong attitude. Attitude, along with approach, can often be more important factors than the actual level of knowledge and experience.

Last, but surely not least comes leadership. Continuous development of communication skills helped me improve my leadership skills and qualities. Studying and cooperating with other people, and especially leading them in the tough situations is what really played a key part in my entire life. I will to learn and become an expert in the areas of mathematics and economics, and become a great leader of my time, assisting others in all the ways possible.

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