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The fact that traditional laboratories require many apparatus and equipments make them somewhat expensive than the online-based labs which only require access to the internet and computers. This follows the notion that many students can easily access the internet from even their homes and other places; they can therefore participate in the lessons without necessarily being in the physical labs. The equipment in the physical labs are normally expensive and sometimes the government through the ministry of education could not be in a position to fund for all the expenses of providing the equipment.

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The perception that improving the technological sector leads to a pronounced development in all the other sectors has prompted the government to invest heavily in that sector hence using online labs is deemed more effective than the traditional labs. It is also a necessity that each physical lab has to be taken care of by a qualified person. This is however not always possible as the process of training science teachers take a considerably longer period as compared to the arts and on top of it, the course is also expensive and demands higher academic qualifications which many aspirants do not attain. In addition, many qualified persons prefer to work in cities which make the remote areas be deserted. This makes the traditional labs become understaffed. However, with the online-based labs, one professional can be in charge of quite a big group of learners who watch the mentor’s demonstrations via the internet (underfunded and understaffed?).

Learners are able to interact with various learning materials safely in the virtual environment which would otherwise be impossible in the traditional labs because learners are not provided with some dangerous elements due to fear that they might cause havoc. Students are also able to interact with their mentors personally as they can ask questions in a more systematic manner (highly interactive?).

Students understand better while using the online-based labs because they are able to engage in experiments which would have earlier been deemed hazardous with the traditional labs as they are ill-suited for the real environments. This gives rise to an active learner who can explore his or her errors and correct them (proven to help students understand?). Traditional science labs are inadequate for works that require huge scientific projects because they can hardly support learners’ engagement in hazardous experiments due to panic they might be destructive. Being understaffed and lack of other fundamental equipments is also another factor that is restrictive. The mode of learning in these labs is also passive since the learners participate least in carrying out experiments and have to rely with the mentors’ demo unlike with the online-based labs where everyone is free to carry out experiments wherever and whenever provided that he or she has access with the internet (passive learning?).

A research conducted by Sorgo (2010) revealed that many teachers in Slovenia used computers in conducting their lessons. Students were expected to adapt to this system of learning in order keep at the same pace with the teachers. The fact that many students are full-time workers and many are miles away from their schools explicitly explains the reason as to why many students have opted for online learning methods.

Through online learning, learners are able to carry out group projects effectively since constant communication is enhanced even over long distances. Researching through the internet has been simplified as compared to two decades ago because the physically handicapped, the working and the old can further their education through online learning. Constant use of the internet makes use of other physical research methods appear cumbersome and sometimes unreliable, especially when information has to be gathered from illiterate people. This however does not mean computers should completely displace field research, but an integration of the two methods produces highly feasible information. It is for this reason that many learners do not see the need of spending a number of years researching over something that another researcher had done before; perhaps conducting comprehensive research to build upon what other researchers had done is the best idea.

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