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The necessity to have a separate database for the educational institution is obvious as this technology is more than convenient. In spite of the fact that there are more files which need to be managed, “the separation of metadata from data sets has the advantage of managing the metadata without affecting the content of the data set”. Taking into consideration the fact that frequent changes are present in the data sets of the school, a separate database is one of the best solutions of this issue. It is evident that it is quite often necessary to update the data, for instance, the number of students changes, the methods of studying as well as the materials differ almost each year. The importance of a separate database is obvious in this case.

What is more, it is noteworthy to admit that the fungal development of the school depends on the range of positive changes in its technologies. By having a separate database, a school is more independent and protected from hacker attacks. The well-qualified professionals who work there would manage to protect the database of the school as much as possible.  Separate data warehouse can also be useful for the school specialists to find all necessary details they are interested in as it allows to find even a small piece of information among an abundance of data files in the system.

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One more detail which is quite significant for the professionals who work in the school is purged pieces of information. It is an irrefutable fact that, as a rule, it is necessary to purge some sources of information over some period of time. A separate data warehouse is profitable for the school as even if one of the sources is lost, the opportunity of gaining some kind of information from it remains. It is quite convenient for the school as its specialists can apply to the historical data and to analyze the previous experience. Furthermore, this data can be necessary for drawing some conclusions about the school, and to create the possible ways of its improvement. This is the reason why a separate data warehouse is more than helpful in the work of the school.

In spite of the fact that large databases are aimed at insuring “database integrity and longevity”, there are some reasons for the school not to use one large database for all kinds of data, both current and historical. The principal reason is frequent changes of the requirements of the system. A large database does not meet the demands of the school as it is more than significant to prevent any slippages of the schedule and overruns of the cost. Nowadays, it is more beneficial for the school to have a separate database and to refuse from using a large database. Economy plays one of the integral roles in any educational institution as there is no point to spend extra money; it is more useful to spend them on improvement of the school.

Furthermore, it is more convenient both for the teachers and for the students not to use a large database as it is slower than a separate one. First of all, there are more users of a large database; this one of the reasons why it can take some time to find those piece of information which are necessary. When the amount of users is too large, the database, which exists now at school, can not support any additional field of data, and it causes numerous inconveniences which must be solved.

What is more, the administrative handling of a large database is quite difficult in numerous cases, and the presence of a separate one is the solution of this problem which is caused by such issues as restore and backup runtimes which can take too long time, the negative impact on the operation of production by online backup as well as degradation of data. Taking into account the fact that the data which is stored in the database of the school is quite valuable, it is more then necessary to prevent any kind of degradation of it. This is one more reason for changing the large database and to prefer a separate one which has always been considered to be more reliable.

 Mobile wireless network has numerous advantages over a wired network. First of all, it is an “elongate network lifetime”. It is quite important for the school as its specialists are sure that it is better to have one technology which can work for a long period of time rather than to choose several ones the operation time of which is not long enough.

Moreover, the increased coverage is one more advantage of mobile wireless networks as they provide an opportunity to work on any place the user wants to. In the era of high technologies, it is more than significant as the user does not need to waste his/her time on going to the place the wired network is located at. If the wireless network is reliable enough, there are no problems with the access to it as well as the work in it. In this case, a mobile wireless network not only makes the users spend their time more profitably but also makes the network more available for an abundance of school users.

Another benefit of mobile wireless network over a wired network is the improvement of the detection time. If a detect is present, it is quicker and easier to correct it if the network is mobile. It is one of the best ways to prevent any errors in the work and to give an added gloss to the work of the school professionals as much as possible as the connectivity can also be improved by mobile wireless network.

Furthermore, mobile wireless networks manage to “inherit the roles of other sensors” as well as to “adapt to changing environment”. Taking into account the fact that the school data is constantly updating, mobile wireless network is more than convenient. Furthermore, the professionals of the school always try to do their best in making positive changes in the school system, especially methods of teaching and materials. Mobile wireless networks can be both helpful for all these people and make their work much easier. In conclusion, it is important to state that all abovementioned aspects of mobile wireless networks are their advantages over wired ones.

The presence of mobile wireless network would have a considerable impact on the educational process at the school. To begin with, such kinds of technologies provide “students with flexibility of accessing campus resources and downloading academic applications at their convenience and desired location (lab, classroom, library, cafeteria, campus garden, or while watching campus games)”.

This fact proves that wireless networks can be really helpful for the students as they will have an opportunity to look through any necessary pieces of information anywhere they would like to. This is the reason why they have more time for studying as well as entertainment. Both aspects of students’ life are more than significant as when students finish with their studies they need some time to relax. If they spend too much time on studying, their productivity is not high enough. However, studying must not be performed simultaneously with any other activities. That is why mobile wireless networks should be used only for downloading some data if they are used during the spare time of the students. Fortunately, any negative sides of the usage of mobile wireless network can be prevented by the instructions the students should be acquainted with.

The same benefit of mobile wireless networks exist for teachers as they can control the educational process as well as improve it anywhere at school. It gives them a chance to be as flexible as their students. Their productivity can not help being high in numerous aspects. Furthermore, there are no negative effects of mobile wireless network on the educational process so that it is evident that they should be used at school as soon as possible.

Taking into consideration the fact the school manages to afford such kind of improvement, it is obvious that the school educational process will be given an added gloss if this technology plan is implemented.

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