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Free Example of Technology Essay

The advent of technology has impacted different spheres of life and revolutionized the way people live. In fact, researchers have described technology as “God’s second greatest gift to mankind after the gift of life”. This is because technology is the mother of sciences, arts and civilizations and invention.  Just like other spheres, technology plays a vital role in the field of education. Educational technology is the mechanism utilized by tutors to connect to students, as opposed to the traditional face to face mode of learning. As a result of technology, the society has become more interconnected in the following ways.

Technology has necessitated online education thereby eliminating space and time constraints in acquiring education. The use of online education has enabled students to interconnect through virtual learning, where they interact over the internet, hold classroom discussions and acquire online degrees. Through the use of technology, the process of communication has been simplified. I and others all over the world use different social media platforms such as Google Chat, Yahoo messenger, Facebook, Skype, MySpace and Twitter to communicate and share pertinent information. Technology has significantly enhanced interconnectivity and relationships among people in the society.

The radical growth of the Information Technology sector has created myriad opportunities for investment. Some of these opportunities exist in several sectors where IT has become of much value these days. In any case, the main driving force behind the development of the IT infrastructure is essentially the growing need of the efficient opportunities created by Information Technology and the shift from the traditional forms of operations. In any case, Information technology is the basis for business growth and provides the ground for such growth. It has been realized that organizations that have invested effectively in Information Technology are ahead in terms of business operations and thereby capture a larger share of the market.

The connection between technology and education is described as symbiotic. This is because, while technology assists education, education propels the use of technology. Since we live in the age of technological innovations, it is paramount to stay abreast with the latest inventions. With the application of technology, I have become better educated thus improving on my interaction and interconnection in the society.

In the field of education, technology has enabled me to develop a positive attitude towards learning and increased my skills. The classroom has become more intriguing, since the chalk board has been replaced by computers and other interactive audio visual mediums, such as projectors. Research has shown that the use of technology has profoundly influenced and increased the student’s concentration levels in classrooms (Bradbury, 80). As a result of technology, education has become a more customized to suit the curriculum and needs of students. I have utilized technology (internet websites) to conduct research studies that have positively influenced the society.

In conclusion, I think that the use of technology in education has positively transformed the society and increased interconnection among people.  The greatest impact of technology on education is the paradigm shift of people’s thinking from local to global. Technology has enabled and enhanced sharing of ideas across the globe, thereby enriching the lives of millions of people. Although technology has its own limitations, it is evident that its benefits to society far much outweigh its disadvantages.

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