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Illegal immigration causes various economical and political issues and has turned out to be a basis of major debate in countries that have developed and the more thriving countries that are developing. However, immigrants may also bring a positive impact to the country. For instance, the USA as a country was entirely built on immigrant. Therefore, there is nothing incorrect with the idea of immigration. The issue sets in when immigrants enter a certain country unlawfully. Illegal immigration is a basis of rising alarm for politicians in the United States (U.S.). For the past years, the population of the U.S. of illegitimate immigrants has increased from five million to almost twelve million people, triggering heated charges that the nation has lost direction over its boundaries. The main focal point of this essay is to discuss the problems Texas faces due to illegitimate immigration and efforts made by local governments, like Farmers Branch, in managing the issue.


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There are various problems that illegal immigration poses on the budgets of a state and local government of Texas. State and local governments incur expenses for offering services to illegal immigrants and have narrow options for evading or reducing those expenses. The sum that the state and local governments use on services for illegal immigrants represent a little percentage of the entire sum spent by those governments to offer such services to locals in their jurisdiction. The tax incomes that illegal immigrants make for state and local government do not compensate the entire expense of services offered to these immigrants. Federal aid curriculums provide funds to state and local governments that offer services to illegal immigrants, but those resources do not completely cover the expenses incurred by the respective governments. On the other hand, illegal immigrants offer a slight net enhance to the economy. They provide inexpensive labor and reduce the costs of everything

Illegal immigrants pose risks on public health. The effect of immigration on public health is frequently neglected. Although thousands of guests for business and tourism visit the state each year, the alien population of special interest is illegitimate residents, who influx more frequently from regions with endemic health issues and less advanced health care. They are of most consequence since they are accountable for uneven share of serious public wellbeing, are living with the residents for unlimited periods of time, and frequently are dependent on health care services of the U.S. Because illegitimate immigrants, unlike those who are legitimately admitted for lasting residence, undergo no health checkup to guarantee that they are not having infectious diseases, the fast swelling population of illegitimate foreign in Texas has also set off a reappearance of communicable diseases that had been completely or almost completely eliminated by the system of public health.

Another problem that the illegal immigrants cause to Texas is the expenses spent on medical care. Immigrants are usually uninsured and underinsured. Majority of the noncitizens does not have health insurance. The expense of the medical care of the uninsured immigrants is forwarded to the taxpayer, and, hence, the economic solidity of the health care community is strained. The use of hospital and urgent situation services rather than deterrent medical care by the illegal immigrants is also a problem. For instance, the rate of utilization of hospitals and clinics by illegitimate immigrants is above twice the rate of the general population of the U.S. Education sector is also affected by the illegal immigrants in Texas. This is because any approximation of state expenses connected to illegal aliens is imprecise because of the hardships involved in establishing their numbers. In public education, central guidelines forbid questions of lawful status. In higher education, local residency for tuition reasons is defined by the duration of time a person has lived in the country, not considering legal status.

Regarding incarceration, the criminal justice system of Texas entails three dissimilar parts. These are; law enforcement and criminal tribunal, criminal trial and petitions, and corrections. Illegal aliens, who commit crimes, affect all of these systems. Several elected officials together with state governors and the U.S. congressmen debate that the central government should incur all the expenses of capturing, putting on trial, and housing illegal aliens, who commit illegal offenses.

On the other hand, illegal migrants are more likely to experience discrimination, mistreatment, exclusion, and abuse during the process of migration. They frequently face extended confinement or ill-treatment, and in some situations rape, enslavement or even murder. Illegal immigrants are targeted by xenophobe and racists more often. They are victimized by corrupt bosses and sexual predators, and can simply fall victims to illegal traffickers and smugglers. Rendered susceptible by their uneven status, these illegal immigrants are usually afraid or not able to seek security and aid from the authorities of their states of origin, passage or destination.


Illegal immigration in Texas is anything but uncomplicated idea that has an easy solution. In order to resolve this tricky circumstance, someone is supposed to find and implement a central ground that will take minute or no support for either the United States or the illegitimate immigrants. Knowledge of illegal immigration is important. It would be a crisis to just grant forgiveness to all the illegitimate immigrants or to just deport all of them. The local government is putting efforts to reinforce the border security linking Mexico and Texas, to try making the illegal resettlement growth rate reduce.

The resolution should not only be fencing the borders or kicking the illegal immigrants out. The City of Farmers Branch implemented strict procedures against illegal aliens, requiring landlords of apartments to provide verification of residency or citizenship and making English the official language of the city. The City Council also collectively concurred to let police apply to take part in a central curriculum that would allow them to verify the citizenship status of suspects in detention and initiate deportation arrangements in particular cases. The procedures, considered to be the first of their type in Texas, brought applause from supporters but ignited anger amid a number of Hispanics and other rivals, claiming that the measure will create further ethnic pressure in the city.

The measures to be implemented by boundary states to protect the international boundary with Mexico and, in a number of cases, aggressive moves to arrest illegitimate immigrants, confirm that states are reasonable in taking boundary protection and law enforcement measures against illegitimate immigration. Although boundary states, because of geographic closeness, have greater populations of illegitimate immigrants, illegitimate immigrants do not live exclusively in boundary states. Each state in the country could take active steps in enforcing central immigration laws.

Congress has taken several steps in current years to intensify security at the borders. The 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act offered $100 million for scrutiny systems to be positioned at border ports of entrance, $100 million for border protection expertise on the Southwest boundary, and $420 million for transformation and building of facilities utilized to manage and process boundary crossings. The Fiscal Year 2010 Homeland Security Appropriations Act offered $8.1 billion for the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) organization. This sum involves $19 million to employ an extra 100 Border Patrol representatives. The bill also offered $800 million for building boundary protection fencing, communications, and technology. $5.3 billion was allocated to immigration and Customs Enforcement to support survey actions and custody and removal operations. The bill finances 33,400 custody beds and necessitates that at least $2.5 billion should be utilized in the custody and removal of illegal immigrants. The bill offers $1.5 billion to spot and remove people with unlawful records illegally living in the U.S.

The latest immigration blueprint calls for reinforced enforcement against bosses, who employ illegal immigrants; this is a significant feature of comprehensive reform[37]. The central government needs to crack down on bosses, who overlook the state’s law and employ illegal aliens[38]. The reform plan necessitates a biometric employment confirmation system and augmented penalties for employing illegal immigrants. The blueprint would also advance boundary protection by enhancing manpower and installing fresh technology. Several people have requested for reforms that would protect the boundaries before placing the settlers, who are already on a conduit to lawful status.

The discussion presented above evidently demonstrates that illegal immigration is indeed affecting Texas in various ways. Although the USA was founded by the immigrants and on immigration, the process of immigration should not be illegal. Several solutions have been implemented, so as to reduce the rate of illegal immigration. Some measures have been received positively, while some have been rejected by a number of rivals. Numbers of people, who reject these measures, claim that the rate of discrimination against the illegal aliens will be increased. Although illegal immigrants enter the countries illegally, they deserve to be treated like human beings and not fall victims of discrimination. In aggressively practicing enforcement of illegitimate immigration regulations, states can take important action against unlawful immigration without waiting for central intervention that might or might not come. Boundary states have headed the nation with cleverness and creativity in reaction to illegitimate immigration. Every state can and should take measures to inflict the law.


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