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Free Example of The Abortion Debate Essay

Abortion refers to deliberate termination of pregnancy before the fetus can survive outside the womb. The American Obstetricians and gynecologists define abortion as elimination of complete or defective parts of the placenta or membranes, before 134 days of gestation. The definition is based on the fact of scientific bases that; organism cannot exist outside the womb. This means that birth, which is premature, is not an elective option. The doctors use that time because there have been cases of survival at that early point. This paper will focus on the debate that surrounds abortion in the world arena, and argument on the issue of legality and illegality of abortion. The paper is also aimed at educating, informing and sensitizing people on the issues of abortion (Carrier, 2011).

The legality and illegality of abortion has continued to hit the politics of the world. It has divided people all over the globe. With the presence of pro- abortionists, the anti abortionists, it is obvious that, the debate will continue to thrive with a rare end. While the essay unfolds, the claims by the groups will be looked at, which will carefully define the reasons on why the various groups have taken stands on the issue of abortion.

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Pro - Abortionists

They advocate for the legality of abortion. They say abortion is not bad, and should be legalized in the whole world. They differ very much with those who do not support abortion (anti- abortionists). Examining their arguments is the only way one can understand the issue of abortion on their perspective.

First, abortion does not hurt. The killing of a fetus, which is not neurologically inactive, does not cause harm than killing an active mouse. The mouse has a brain that has its complexity, and can perceive pain. A fetus cannot perceive pain. Before the fifth month of gestation, the neural structures that register and record sensations of the pain transmitted by nerves are absent. On the same note, a surgical patient under anesthesia can feel pain more than a fetus can. It is clear that a fetus does not have an individual human personality. To end on this point, the absence of pain, and lack of individual personality makes abortion acceptable because it does not cause any harm (Carrier, 2011).

Abortion is a significant benefit to the whole society. The population regularly suffers serious damage caused by unchecked population growth. Cases of malnutrition, pollution, poverty, educational, and medical services among many others are as a result of population increase. Abortion is the only way the population growth can be regulated all over the globe. Most of the regions who have adopted the procedure are maintaining stable populations with almost zero growth, and prosperity is becoming more or less general. Abortion is a great benefit to mankind, especially to the women who have regarded zero growth as a moral imperative (Carrier, 2011).

For the woman, abortion is crucial to her health. Risks of death and disability are lower in women who abort than those who carry pregnancy until the time of bearing. The social and economic damage that becomes from ultimately motherhood is usually severe. For countries that are poor, they cannot provide free medical care for women and social welfare for those women who cannot work as a result of their pregnancy. Even among the wealthiest nations like USA, they lack the support systems. There are no desirable options for orphans in nations like India and Chad. Moreover, the physical harms that occur as a result of bearing children are difficult to be alleviated. This approves why abortion is beneficial to many women, therefore, should be legalized (Carrier, 2011).

The fetus is not a person. It is at the same level with trees, ladybugs, and other non- person elements. This gives it no right, therefore, gives the mother free choice to terminate it any time she wants. Humanization incorporates the issues of socialization. This generally means humanization starts right after birth. The fetus remains non-human even in the most developed stages of its growth, and due to that it is different from a person, it has no moral rights. Additionally, for a thing to become a person, it must perform acts. The fetus cannot perform any acts. This is one difference between fetus and other creatures. At the process of the growth of the infant, the mental structures that are necessary for a creature to function as a person develops. Before they develop the fetus is a non-person because it cannot function or reason. Personhood is therefore, absent in a fetus (Roth, 2011).

Abortion is an alternative to the rape victims. Suppose a rape victim becomes pregnant? Most females who become pregnant out of rape are forced to become mothers out of their plans. This grieves them. It may happen that they do not have the resources to bring up a child by themselves due to lack of financial means. The product of rape, the child, makes them have post traumatic effects, and bad memories. To avoid all these, it is advisable for the victim to dismember the fetus. Instead of enduring nine months of adverse pregnancy, prolonged period of painful labor, and a forced decision, to nurture a child that herself had not planned abortion becomes the only course to avoiding all that menace (Roth, 2000).

Anti- Abortionists

The group does not, at any chance, support abortion. They stick to resist and reject abortion in all aspects of human life. The major point of their contention in the abortion debate is about the status and rights of the unborn baby. They claim that a fetus is a human being who has strong moral right which starts from conception which makes abortion a form of murder (Students, 2004).

Abortion places women in position of undergoing highly uncertain ‘backstreet’ abortions. Women fall in the hands of people who are less trained, or maybe who do not have any training at all in doing the job. Those so called physicians do not have any medical qualifications. The fact is that all women in societies where abortion has been legalized have suffered a lot. They have died from such abortions; they have suffered physical harm like infections, infertility, and cases of hemorrhaging (Oderberg, 1999).

Fetuses are the same with other human species; therefore, carrying on abortion is morally unacceptable. The fetus are ‘human beings’ since they are, at least, organisms biologically. Adults, embryos, and fetus are identical. This is because they are the same organism but in varying periods. Humanization, then, starts from conception. The zygote starts to develop to an individual human being right from the time fertilization starts. The ovum at this time is a genotype that is distinct from both parents. Doing abortion at this time is automatically committing a murder to the growing organism (Nobis, 2011).

The fetus, like any other human being, has an intrinsic value. This argument is build by the fact that fetus are humans. This argument is not in anyway related to the value that we may bestow on the fetus, or the value that that we may bestow on ourselves. The mother carrying the fetus may not have value on her life. This does not mean that the fetus does not have value too. In other cases, when the mother lacks value of her life but realizes that the child she is carrying has its own value, it may save her life. This value that is being described does not encompass potentials or skills an individual possesses, but, it is the respect of an individual. It is respect that, a person is a rational and an autonomous being. Abortion should never be on demand again, and should never be considered as an option again, if all people consider the intrinsic value of the fetus. The value in very fundamental that, very few people if any, would deny the fetus. The value becomes a very sound basis of argument against abortion (Stretton, 2004).

Abortion causes biological as well as psychological damages to females. Everybody in the universe wishes to enjoy a well lived life, free from psychological stress and biological disturbances. Abortion at all cost deprives the aborting females the chance to such enjoyments. There is guilty that always accompany abortion, and abortion syndromes. Researches have found that all women who have chances of abortions have a greater chance as 30% of developing breast cancer. In pregnancies that come early, levels of estrogen increase. This results to breast growth when the mother prepares to milk her child. Interruption from abortion leaves immature cells in the breasts of the woman. It results to a greater potential risk of breast cancer (ProCon. Org, 2012).

Abortion is wrong because it deprives off the fetus’ future more than any other crime. Consider people with HIV/AID and cancers, ands are always aware that they will soon die and be deprived their future. Loss of their future that they would have enjoyed is what makes feel that, premature and sudden death is a very evil thing for them. It may appear that, in another world there lives some other species who equally consider their lives more important like ours. Having a future that makes someone feel good is what makes killing an evil thing. When an adult being is killed, he is deprived off his desirable future. A fetus future includes everything that is included in the adult’s future. This fact stands because the fetus finally develops to adult. This then proves that killing a fetus through abortion denies it the same valuable future same as that of an adult. This makes abortion seriously wrong (Strong, 2008).

A child who was conceived through rape should not suffer the sins of the rapists. This disapproves abortion because, despite that the pros advocate abortion on bases of rape, the rapist should face the law like any other murderer. Although the victim of rape was subjected to severe pain and hardships of carrying unplanned child, the child should not suffer in expense of the rapist. When the rapist is identified, he is punished and faces law accordingly. Why then should the child who is innocent be killed just like the rapist who brought that entire ordeal? The child should be given a chance to survive like any other child who was born in a manner that was a bit ethical. Aborting the product of rape simply adds another wrong to an instance that is already troubling.

Abortion makes the child undergo a process of torture. Many abortionist claims that abortion is a beneficial act because it does not cause harm to the fetus. The statement is untenable and based on ignorance. Abortion is an incredible breakdown of ethics and morality. They will support that, the fetuses do not feel pain though, in the real sense, they go through excruciating torture during the entire process. Researches have found that a child will always withdraw from painful stimulations. Two types of hormones found in the bodies of adults were also found in the fetus. The hormones are stimulated when one is having pain. The hormones were found in the fetus when a blood sample was extracted from the fetus (Bookrags Students, 2004).

Abortion is a brutal, bloody and inhuman act; abortionists will say that abortion is a simple, short and a clean process. It is not the case as it may sound. To show the invalidity of their claims, the mothers are subjected to some of the ordeals in their lives. The mother’s abdomen is opened, and the child uprooted out. Many of the fetuses are alive, and they are killed by the abortionists through cutting off their umbilical cord, or they immerse them in cold water. Abortions that are done through the uterus are much bloodier than those done through the abdomen. The baby is sucked out by a tube. Other methods involve inserting a strong salt solution into the amniotic fluid, which surrounds the baby. The baby breaths or swallow the salt which poisons it to death. Those are just few of many methods used to carry on abortion (Bookrags Students, 2004).

From biblical view, there are no direct quotations that are a reference to abortion. However, it has a number of information concerning life before birth, and also; God is involved in the formation of a person right from conception. The commandment ‘Thy shall not kill’, is interpreted as unconditional to any stage of life in taking the life of another person.

Abortion is an extremely moral and ethical issue which includes, but not limited to destruction of a human life. Generally, it has adverse psychological and moral consequences for the people involved in the process, especially the mother. On one hand, the reasons on abortion should be put into consideration. They should not be overlooked; they may include rape, incest, social stigma, rejection, school policies, and negative attitudes. It is because of these reasons and many other that drive young and old people to opt for abortion.

It is the responsibility of the society and other bodies that deal wit human affairs to support the young ladies to support the young ladies and provide counseling, rather than condemning them. Life does not end when one becomes pregnant. There are so many people who are barren and impotent who are waiting for children from other people so that they can bring them up. This is an encouragement that, despite the cause of the pregnancy, abortion should not be the alternative.


God is the giver of life. The child in the mother’s womb is not only her child but also God’s child. It is His decision, not a decision of any other earthly being. This means, it is only him who possesses the right to take away life at any time or any way of His convenience. Children are a gift from God. Abortionists should be warned.

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