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Free Example of The Advantages of Migration Essay

Advantages of Migration Essay Introduction

The movement of people across the boundaries of the states or from one area to another within a certain country in order to take up temporary or permanent residence is called migration. The reasons for migration can be different. Some people migrate because of some troubles, like wars, floods, or famine. Other people take into consideration the environmental and economic benefits they can get in another place of living. Political and cultural reasons are also on the list of those which drive people away from their homes. Migration may bring substantial benefits, offering real advantages and rewards.

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Benefits of Migration

Firstly, migration has some positive impact on the area which the migrant leaves behind. It results in unemployment rate reduction in the sending country. The demand for land, water, food and natural resources goes down. The total stress on the economy of the region and the state gradually decreases. The money sent by international migrants to their families gets into the national economy and is spent on various goods and services.

Those remittances have a serious impact on the development of the country the migrant has left. When such a person gets back, he or she brings not only the savings but also new skills, experience, and knowledge, that can be used in the home country. It helps to foster the economic and social development of the sending countries and ensures training for the labor force. Young people get new prospects, attitudes, and spirit. Migration facilitates the modernization of traditional societies.

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Advantages of Immigration

Secondly, migration exercises significant influence on the host countries. In case of labor shortage due to the aging population, newcomers fill open job vacancies. It happens that there are certain skill gaps; then the services of the experts from other countries can be beneficial for both sides. Experienced doctors or other highly skilled specialists are always in great demand. Construction workers, welders or other manual workers are never thrown idle either.

There are certain jobs which the locals are unwilling to take, like those of babysitters, cleaners or scullery maids, so they are taken by immigrants. Young immigrant workers pay taxes and fill the pension gap in the host country. Besides, new people always bring innovations, change, and development, transforming the obsolete long-established approaches. Thus, migration can help economic growth to be sustained. Moreover, it results in cultural diversity that makes a sustainable contribution to the history of the host country. It even has the potential of uniting people of different cultural backgrounds.

Benefits of Immigration

Thirdly, people move in order to get some advantages for themselves. They improve their standards of living, as they are going to earn more, seek career advancement and increase economic opportunities. What they need are a financially secured future and better prospects. Sometimes their aim is to escape from conflicts, persecution, or even poverty. Parents search for a better life, health care, education, and other welfare services for themselves and their children. Sometimes migrants just seek changes or adventures.

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They experience culture shock and get into contact with absolutely different ways of life, gaining new experience and knowledge. If they go back to the sending country, they are among the most in-demand workers. If they are established, they are mostly happy in their destination, reaping gains in the form of better access to education and health, higher incomes and better prospects for themselves and future generations.

Advantages of Migration Essay Conclusion

Migration is an integral part of contemporary life and economic conditions in a rapidly globalizing world. It is advantageous to the host countries, the migrants and the sending countries, but only if it is legal and economically beneficial for both sides. The rights of immigrants are to be fully protected. They need equal treatment and recognition of their social rights.

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