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The Black Hawk Down’s main mission was to provide humanitarian assistance in Somalia. Debates have occurred regarding this mission on whether it was a success or a failure. I believed that the Black Hawk Down mission was a successful one for the Americans despite all lost that took place during the incident.

Success is the achievement or accomplishment of a particular goal or objective. In order to fully understand the success that came out of this incident, we should remember what the United States main and primary objective or goal at that time was. The United States sent out troops to Somalia to extend humanitarian relief by tracking down General Aideed who was the mind behind the attacks on international powers which led to the disturbances in Somalia. The Americans were successfully in achieving their objective of arresting numerous Somalis that led to Aideed. The American forces did complete their mission and accomplished their goal. So they were indeed successful. Questions however have arisen as by achieving their central objective, the road they took led to the casualties of several people. Numerous Americans died while thousands of Somalis lived on.

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Expectations on the American forces during that time were too high. Media played a fundamental role as well by focusing on the deaths instead of the thriving efforts to save human beings. As soon as the United States ended the mission, Somalia became a refuge for Islamic forces. A lot of people may think that the Black Hawk Down mission was a failure. But in the end, we have to look at the overall picture. Every mission has its errors and costs valuable things, even lives. At the end of the day, the Black Hawk Down was a gallant mission that saved hundred thousands of lives.

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