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This story shows that the seeds of the next generation gap are already planted, and many differences arise because of the rapid technological process. Nowadays children and their lives are shaped in a very close relation to technologies and modern gadgets, and there was no such tendency for the previous generation. New generation gaps are strengthened by the up-to-date tech tools that are an essential part of the formative stages of development for the majority of children. Researches also support this idea and notice great differences in experiences with technology. The main differences between generations will be visible in such aspects as communication and entertainment. A professor of psychology at California State University defined the existence of two different generations, the Net Generation and the iGeneration. One of the distinguishing features of the iGeneration is that it lacks patience, and people get used to instant replies and fast communication. Moreover, according to Dr. Ito, there is a great likelihood that these technologically-dependent individuals can hardly define their true friends from the virtual ones in the online games.

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Generation gaps will always exist in society, and it is impossible to avoid particular differences among individuals belonging to different generations. The generation of baby-boomers was the first age group that was raised and got used to the television. However, I totally agree that the Net Generation and the iGeneration are much more dependent on technology and different extraordinary gadgets. I also agree that it may become a certain problem that people, belonging to the iGeneration, lack patience and expect immediate reaction and response. I believe that iGeneration is expected to face serious problems in communication outside the online world as nowadays people prefer computer-mediated communication to seeing and meeting people in the real life. Internet may prevent children from forming basic communicational skills, and this is a real danger.

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