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Media is and will always be a crucial aspect in day to day life. It is a channel that makes communication possible for the people and also is a source of wide range of entertainments. Media is classified into a variety of groups like magazines, billboards, TV programs, cell phones, internet, and radio. These are said to be forms of mass media that are a part of everyday routine. All people rely on media in order to enhance the communication process or even for entertainment.

Currently, young people contribute to the largest portion of media users, for instance, statistics show that the youth and children in the United States account for about of 2-4 hours per person spent on media, especially television (Weiten & Lloyd 43). Though these media forms have come in different time sets, they are quite adhesive to their audience.

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In elementary school, I was obsessed with the Chinese television series known as Journey to the West, which many people love to watch to date. The series is based on a fiction novel that speaks of the legendary pilgrimage to the land of India. This is where the Buddhist monk Xuanzang resided. In addition, the series included ancient folk songs and I found it to be extremely captivating, especially seeing the monkey characters. My interest in this series made me understand the Chinese culture and traditions. This was a significant step in the development of social interactions.

From middle school I started perceiving reading as a source of knowledge and my main genre was fantasy. I fell in love with Harry Potter series. This is the work of J.K Rowling, a female writer with a fabulous imagination and talent. My favorite character was Harry himself, who seemed to champion for quality in their society. He conquered evil like the cruel Voldemort, who was a sorcerer with wrong motives. The Harry Porter series has many chapters like Chambers of Secret, The Prisoner of Azkaban and The Half Blood Prince, which are my favorite parts of the series. Reading required concentration for many hours and that helped me to develop a vital skill, which enabled me to concentrate on reading or any other activity for a long time, thus becoming more experienced. This was an essential skill needed in school work. In addition, the author's creativity made me an open-minded person and helped me to release my imagination.

In high school, I diversified my knowledge on application of various media of communication. During this period I was obsessed with cell phone. I loved the different models with their respective features, and I followed the technological news to be updated. The idea of communicating with distant fellows was truly thrilling, and taking photos using phones was very fascinating to me. The fact that there was the invention of such phones geared me towards achieving my own prominence (Manuel 456).

Moreover, I loved texting during this stage; it was quite trendy for me, and this enabled me to keep in touch with my friends no matter where I was. This was a convenient way of sending messages, since the price of sending a text message was insignificant, and this enabled me to communicate with many people at low cost. Texting improved my communication skills and creativity; I could easily start a conversation without a doubt. My writing skills improved tremendously, as I could easily compose without huddles. Texting contributed to my social interactions, and this enabled me to have many friends.

Movies and series still were in my program, though this time it was for Korean dramas. Famous dramas like The Mafia, The Salesman and Save the Green Planet were extremely hilarious. These added immensely to my knowledge of culture and language and I could say a few Korean words; true to the fact that knowledge is key (Carson 45). In addition, novels were still in my schedule even during my high school time. At this time, I had read the majority of famous novels like The Broker, Sands of Time though I still loved Harry Potter. I had read all the work of J.K Rowling by then. This helped me to improve my English fluency as well gaining abundant knowledge that always contributed to my excellent performance in school.

Later, Apple Company led by Steve Jobs produced stylish gadgets, which attracted my attention, my favorite being iPhones and iPads. I love iPhones and iPads because they provide contemporary form of communicating and entertainment. A wide range of models are in the market, but my favorite is the iPhone 4G with IPS LCD screen of 960 by 640 pix, 512MB RAM.† Apple company products are of high quality and they revolutionize the computer world. Apple products are portable that is the main reason why I love using their garget. Despite their exorbitant prices, they are very handy and easy to use.

Currently, I am †a frequent user of different social networks in interacting with friends as well as asking questions about products in companiesí Facebook walls. Social media have come to bring the universe under one light, which is networking. Networks such as Facebook and Twitter take up most of my leisure time. I get to connect and chat with my pals using my iPhone, and this has provided me with an ample opportunity to interact with friends at very low cost as well as get an opportunity to learn how to conduct business transactions through the Internet.

With the dawn of such advanced technology, life is now quite simplified. Technology has taught me to use resources to their exhaustion to my advantage and that of others. Although most materials from the various media are not restricted, they are aimed for an appropriate audience. Despite the active role played by communication media, sometimes media can be hazardous to the user, for instance, many employees chat on Facebook rather than executing organizational tasks, and this can affect the productivity of an organization.

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