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The movie “Wag the Dog” produced and directed by Barry Levinson's 1997. These ideologies comprise heuristics, awareness’s and altering people's way of life and approaches.

Larger issues in American politics. In an independent culture such as that of the United States of America, it is necessary for those who desire authority to be able to bend and influence others. No truer is this declaration, then when in the situation of the elections for the position of President of the United States.

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The film Wag the Dog is principally about how to hoard the image of the president eleven days before the vote in order to be re-elected.   He is charged of a sex indignity that could spoil his probability of being re-elected to the president of the United States of America. In order to redirect this superfluous concentration, he appoints a man named Conrad Brean, who can influence the media, and convince the American people to believe a positive way.

Wag the Dog expresses the capability of the political affairs shared with media and entertainment industry considerable numbers of people in this state can be vulnerable to the manipulations of the politicians, their advisors and the media. It replicates the liberty that we have as a civilization to articulate the fact as we see it as well as the liability to maintain the reality in a way that it doesn't endanger the honesty of our state as a society as an entire.

Even deliberation this movie wasn't standing on a factual story, it deals with a lot of matters that often happened in politics as well as civilization as a whole. "Wag the Dog," mirrors how America has been disposed to the hallucination that leaders can conceal themselves behind. It deals the accumulation amounts of deceitfulness and bribery in our society, the tainted shape of politics and the nature of its leaders, and how we as a society depict news as a form of activity for the public.


In conclusion, I understood, American’s government has so much authority that they can make people trust such a lie. It makes people not faith the government even more than ever. It was a communication trying to show a motto, “Don’t change horses in mid-stream.” It was used all through the movie in profitable, which was the message I think they were trying to get crossways that shifting presidents in such a time of require is ludicrous.

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