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The number of immigrants to the United States does not reduce with years. Many of them cannot find good working conditions and usually perform the tasks and duties other people do not want to. The majority of immigrants has to work in restaurants, hotels, do cleaning, and have other low-paid and low-skilled jobs. The statistics shows that nearly all the housekeepers, tailors, waiters, etc. are immigrants. Moreover, only some of the immigrants manage to receive jobs with good conditions and health and pension benefits. There are also many immigrants in the labor markets who work hard, but earn little. There are some immigrants, who live in the poor districts in the United States hoping to be hired one day. They are ready to work even for little sums, though they hope to earn $60 a day, even if with no benefits.

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I agree that nowadays immigrants face difficulties in their career abroad, and many of them have low-skilled and low-paid jobs. Unfortunately, the reality is quite harsh, though our government tries to improve everyone’s life. However, I also believe that immigration has always been an important factor nearly for every country. There is a great range of countries nowadays, however, some tend to be more developed and industrialized, and some have too many weak places and experience a serious decay. I also think that immigration is the main source of such a rapid population growth for every developed country and the U.S. particularly. I think that the main reasons for immigration nowadays include better working conditions and attractive opportunities for good education. Immigrants can always choose; no one has forbidden them the option to leave and return to their native country. On the other hand, they can always enter some institution and obtain the required on the labor market specialty in order to get a better job. I understand that everyone wants to be a manager with his private office, but the reality is a bit different.

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