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Presently, there are approximately 1.5 billion people speaking English and about 1 billion more learning it. English is a mixture of dialects that originated from West Germany and brought to Britain by Germany invaders and settlers from different parts of what is now called the Netherlands and northwest Germany. It is a widely used language all over the world. It is a little fascinating that many people around the world go for studies in English. Proficiency in English and skill to use it as a language can boost ones prospects in profession, enable one to achieve highly in business as well as open up endless opportunities if one decides to invest in it.

Almost all of the world’s major conferences and functions are organized and carried out in English. Examples include the Olympics and the United Nations. English is slowly becoming an international language due in part to increased globalization. It is for this reason that English should be taught all over the world to facilitate communication and the way businesses are carried out. Without a doubt, English is one of the world’s famous languages. It comes second after Mandarin. It is widely spoken and used as a communication tool in most parts of the world. About 1.5 billion people use English to communicate to each other. When one commits to learning English, just like any other language, s/he gains the ability to network through communication to a broader range of people. Even to the people who have various languages as their first language, English is the most common as their second language. Nowadays, millions of people use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch with each other across long distances. This social media is largely based on English.

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Access to knowledge and information

Books and other academic materials

Most of the world’s academic content is developed in English. Most academicians and scholars in the world find it easy to communicate and share ideas with each other globally using English. In as much as research and academic work is done in all the countries in the world, and in a wide range of languages, English stands out as the most convenient to conduct, create and print with. International conferences and documentations are usually organized and carried out in English thus adding to the demand to learn it. Thus most learning materials for institutions of learning are written in English. This compels one to know the language so as to get the information for personal gain and development in a particular field he/she is interested in.


One of the advantages of learning English is the extent to which one expands his/her horizons in terms of sources of information. English is the internet language, a source of rich information and entertainment. For one to effectively and efficiently communicate through such avenues as emails and enjoy the many services that are offered online such as shopping and entertainment, one needs knowledge in English. One can also be able to chat with people all over the world using emails and chat-rooms. The information on the internet is mostly written and presented in English hence the need to learn and know it for one to effectively use the resource.


Most of the news broadcast over the world through news houses like CNN and NBC International are majorly in English. With English knowledge, one can follow news as it happens. Global newspapers are also available in English. Generally the international community uses the English language as a medium through which it receives and sends news of what is happening around the globe.


Research done in various scientific fields is mainly written in English. Ninety percent of science information is available only in English thus making it vital for one to possess literacy in English. The scientific experiments and reports that are carried in various laboratories are usually presented in English for easy understanding and application.


Another reason why on might be compelled to learn English is the increasing tendency of most institutions to require English proficient individuals for admissions. For instance, most universities have English as one of the qualifications when admitting students. This is because almost all the disciplines offered in these institutions are in English language. For an individual to obtain quality education, literacy in English is vital so that you meet these requirements and join a reputable institution which in turn will help reach ones dreams.

Learning English is has been made very simple for people at different levels of its proficiency. There could be a general course offered to those who want to have basic skills in English and a highly specialized course for those who want to study English for a certain career. In addition, English courses are offered for different purposes. An individual could be studying English with the aim of doing business while another could be after a particular academic expedition.

Students taking courses in English regard this venture as an investment. They therefore expect a return or value for their resources. The presence of numerous schools in some parts of the world like Australia have drawn success in offering quality education and variety of courses that meet the different needs and purposes of students. These schools have the right facilities that support the learning of students both in knowledge and skills in the language.


The business world can only thrive through the advertising of their products and services in the available media such as televisions, radios, newspapers, internet, and journals which are written in English to reach the majority of the clients. Thus without the knowledge of English it will be hard to for the consumer to understand the information about a certain product and also the sellers to give out information about their products. Some products are tailored for English speaking clients hence it becomes hard for those without the English knowledge to consume them. Thus this compels them to consume universal products only. The advertisements that are run in the media in English language have a greater impact on the consumers since one understands fully about a particular product or service being offered by the company concerned.


With so many languages being spoken in the world, the communication between two parties from different backgrounds becomes a problem. This can hinder several activities and also businesses from, taking place due to this language barrier. The solution to this is the knowledge of English as a common language through which both parties can reach a consensus for a certain activity. Thus English has enabled different communities across the universe to transact and relate in one way or the other.


Advancing your career

Perhaps one of the most attractive incentives for people to study English is the fact that it gives them an added advantage when it comes to their chances of success in employment and progress in their careers. Most employers are turning to people with a commanding knowledge in English to give them an edge in markets where English is used. For those seeking employment, it is always a bonus when you walk into an interview room with confidence in the use of English as it gives you an edge over the others.

Business and travel

It is very common for people to do business in the world with English as the main language. An individual who is eloquent in English will find it easy and convenient to do business in English since it is common in many parts of the world. Moreover, not only are most business documents drawn in English but also they carry the design and format of the English language. These include memos, contracts, reports, emails and agreements. One can possibly specialize in doing business as a career due to his/her knowledge of English.


. Internet

The internet is one of the richest sources of entertainment in the modern world since you can access information on the entertainment world at the click of a button. You can also purchase most of the entertainment media online such as movies and songs. Unfortunately to some, all of this content is in English thus making it necessary for them to acquire knowledge in the language in order to enjoy it.


Most entertainment books such as novels are written in English. Those who can read English have the opportunity to read entertaining works of British, American and other English speaking authors.

Music and movies

English songs and movies are some of the most popular in the world. Understanding the language will expand the library of songs and movies one will have for his/her entertainment. Translated movies and songs are not as good as the original one.


For individuals who have various interests in technology, English will come in handy. Obtaining a good education in English from a good institution of learning will equip one with a chance to excel and explore the many opportunities in the technology world. Most technology-related materials are often presented in English. Software programs and instructions are almost always written in English.


Most English students do it for their own personal reasons. A student could want to learn English as a hobby, as means to diversify with the kinds of friends s/he has or as a way to earn enough knowledge to read a book for the fun of it. It is quite satisfying when you pass by people who speak a language you understand and which you taught yourself.

In addition to the above reasons for the study of English, a recently done study: “The Contribution of Multilingualism to Creativity,” it was concluded that the brains of people who took time to learn an additional language gained a number of benefits. These benefits are some of the reasons as to why English should be taught all over the world.

An individual’s memory function becomes more superior by learning English as a language. During learning, the study revealed that there was a significant development in the memory capacity of the brain especially in the short-term memory. An increased memory capacity through language learning helps maintain, for a longer period of time, essential information while the brain is in the process of thinking and synthesizing the information.

A multilingual individual increases the development of problem-solving capabilities. The person’s ability in such areas as forming concepts, creating a hypothesis and thinking in abstract is enhanced by learning a language; in this case English (Tiwari 2010). The capacity to identify, analyze and come up with a solution to a problem is strengthened. S/he can focus solely on the problem at hand without entertaining distractions as well as exhibiting a high ability to do numerous tasks simultaneously.

According to the study, a person connects to a learned language and gets to comprehend how it works and its various uses. Those with the ability to communicate in an additional language have an advantage to read better and understand social situations better. These give someone a foundation to do much better in social environments. The fact that the world is now a global village, there has emerged numerous opportunities the world over hence the need to travel and interact with a wide population of people who speak different languages. Individuals who have studied English have the ability to succeed socially in such surroundings since English is one of the most widely used languages. When a traveler is knowledgeable in English, it becomes nice and easy to explore different countries. For instance, if you intend to travel around the world for business purposes or tourism, you will need knowledge in English to able to enjoy your trip. It is easier to identify yourself with people who you share the same language of communication with than when you don’t.

The study also showed that people who learn a language like English in their lives undergo a change in their brains. The brain’s functioning develops as a result of the new language learned. People who learn English as a second language also benefit from a decreased failure of the functioning of the brain. Learning an additional language helps one prevent the brain from deteriorating in its functioning as well as problems such as dementia that come with the aging of the brain by about two to four years as compared to monolingual individuals.

An individual’s brain becomes more flexible when s/he learns a particular language. It is easier to adopt a variety of ways to reason out a situation when one is multilingual than monolingual. In particular, English teaches one a number of aspects including the rich culture and way of life of different people from different parts of the world, enabling him/her to develop ‘alternative pathways’ to every thought.

All these advantages point to yet another advantage, as pointed out in the study, that of improved understanding of the digital world. An individual who has learned more than one language is better placed to stay up-to-date with current technologies. It keeps one at par with the ever changing world of information and communication technology. The intelligence of an individual, when well learned, produces changes in the technological and social fields more quickly than the rate at which our institutions can support these changes.

It is greatly advantageous to learn English as either a first language or an additional language.

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