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In Chapter 10, Blomberg (2009) discussed the historical review of Jesus Christís life. Blomberg divided this chapter into three phases, which represent how scholars traced Jesus Christís life from the historical perspective. We have previously established that events in the four Gospels overlap, thus requiring a critical review and analysis to piece together the events and establish a chronological account of Jesus Christís life. Blomberg addressed different scholars and theorists who analyzed the events in the Gospels, especially the influential ones such as Schweitzer, Bultmann, and Crossan among others. A dominant theme in the discussion is the difficulty in piecing together Jesus Christís life due to the discrepancies in the Gospels. However, Blomberg emphasized the importance of using different approaches Ė theological, egalitarian, etc. Ė in studying the Gospels.

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Similarly, Blomberg (2009) discussed different interpretations of the Gospels, which makes it difficult to discern the chronology of events, especially the beginning of Jesus Christís ministry. According to Blomberg, interpretations and opinions from different sides make the study of the Gospels complicated. For one, the Dead Sea sect offers different view. Nevertheless, Blomberg emphasizes that despite discrepancies regarding the chronology of events, the teachings of Jesus Christ in the Gospels make up his ministry. In addition, the impact of Jesus Christís teachings on the people and his disciples is a more important point of departure in studying the Gospels instead of focusing on the chronology of events, especially when research focuses on Jesus Christís ministry.

In Chapter 17, Blomberg (2009) discussed the most significant stages in Jesus Christís life Ė Passion, Crucifixion, and Resurrection. Staying true to Blombergís purpose in writing the book, the author discussed how these three events were portrayed in the four Gospels. As previously established, the four Gospels portray the events differently. However, there are more similarities in Mark and Matthew and, on the contrary, different focus in Luke and John. While Luke focused on the Passion and Crucifixion, John focused on Ressurection.

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