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Have you ever thought what can be the worst thing in the life of a human being? I have never thought about such a thing until the moment when my dearest granny passed away. Now, when two years have passed since the day of her death, I can state, judging from my own experience, that the worst thing in the life is the loss of the dearest or beloved person.

I do not know why it happens so that we do not value those people who are our beloved and who are with us in our busy and messy everyday routine life. We get used to believing that they always will be with us. We try to avoid or do not think at all about a minute or day when our beloved people may leave us forever. We start to realize what has happened only when our beloved ones die. The comprehension that nothing could be changed or no one could be turned back will be with us till the end of our life. The first minutes and days after the loss of the beloved ones are the most difficult, and people cannot easily cope

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As for me, I could not think about anything else when the doctor said that my dearest Granny died. Three annoying words were nestling in my head at the same time making me crazy. Never… Forever…Eternity… These words have been carved in my head forever, and my heart is constantly aching when I think about my Granny.

My beloved Granny! I do miss her a lot. I do miss her sweet voice, cheerful words, gentle hands, and deep blue eyes in which there were always sparkles of hope and love

I recollect her words which she used to tell that every person and every minute should  always be valued and paid attention to. Now, I have understood what she meant saying such words. A happy face, a gentle smile, an unexpected call, or a meeting that may last only a minute does have its uniqueness. Nothing should be missed or overlooked.

On that very day, I visited my Granny at hospital where she had been for three months. I visited her after my lessons in order to support and to help her in some way to cope with her illness. We discussed lots of interesting issues, what had happened with me at school, read some magazines, watched TV, and just had some fun. I thought that everything was as it used to be. I did not pay any attention to the way how my Granny behaved. She was constantly trying to take and hold my hand in hers; and her deep eyes seemed to be full with tears. How inattentive I was! How I could fail to notice or feel that that something bad could happen. There were a lot of hints that were left unnoticed. I could not forgive myself that I had not allowed her to hold my hand for so much time as she wanted. Maybe, if I could, I would have changed everything.

It was May 17 when I kissed her and left the ward. I was approaching the lift when the doctor’s voice said that my Granny passed away. This voice struck me like the lightning. I felt as if the ground disappeared from my feet; my heart seemed to stop beating; the world stopped running. Everything seemed to lose its meaning except three words: Never, Forever, and Eternity.

Never…I would never see my beloved granny. Forever… The granny has left forever. Eternity… The only thing that is between Granny and me is eternity. 

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