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Negotiation is a modern way of resolving differences and striking a common ground. Unlike the traditional methods that were utilized to achieve this, negotiation should to a greater extent involve bargaining (Fells, 2010). Older methods should prefer to have a clear winner, but negotiation deviate significantly from this rule. The reason why negotiation is picked over other methods in today’s environment is because of its ability to produce winners on both sides. The method of achieving the win-win situation involves people compromising their stand by bargaining (Tribe, 1993).

The contemporary business environment is competitive, compared to that of previous days, where consumers’ loyalty ruled the marketing environment (Inns of Court School of Law, 2004). Consumers are aware of their rights and turn to firms that offer them the best services.  Knowledge and understanding of the consumer-driven business can help any firm to gain new customers, as well as maintain current ones. It is fair for any firm to recognize that the business environment is competitive enough to constantly improve the services (Luecke, 2003).  For a manager like Sandra, it would be vital to learn what competitors were doing. Although this should not be accomplished by trying to imitate them, however, there is a chance to develop other ways of countering the competitors’ moves. For instance, uncomplicated moves such as the improvement of customers support services would attract customers, especially if it makes their life easier.

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For managers, it is not beneficial to be rigid, although being firm can be an advantage. A permanent decision not to take up any customer support initiative is a wrong business strategy. Although such a decision can be made, it should be reviewed as soon as the manager realizes that it does not attract clients. In modern business environment, being rigid and unwilling to compromise will have negative effects Sandra’s firm development (Nixon, 2005).

In negotiations, there are several rules and guidelines that are recommended and highly followed. It is extremely crucial to delineate personal interest from the group’s interests. This is taken as a general rule (Dietmeyer, 2004). The moral or the ethical approach of negotiation requires all parties to be friendly and highly professional. The feeling that one is talking to a friend helps creates a warm environment for bargaining.

Being prejudiced toward the other negotiator only makes the process to be less fruitful as demonstrated in Sandra’s negotiation. Sandra was prejudiced toward the free agent and thought that he would disrespect her, based on the region of the world from which he came. Being prejudiced adversely affects communication and denies the negotiator the much needed flexibility in communication as it happened in the case of Sandra (Ramundo, 1994). She would have responded better if she had an open mind. Going with the principles of beneficence, she should have demonstrated her willingness to improve conditions for everyone. She would have achieved this by agreeing that her firm needed customer support services. Additionally, having a belief that the other negotiator was guided by the principle of beneficence, she would have had a better time, especially if she assumed that this principle was guiding the agent to do what is acceptable. This, for instance, can be demonstrated in the Hippocratic Oath, which illustrates both beneficence and the theory of least harm (Gurian, & Annis, 2008).

Regardless of all the compromise made during negotiation, all the conclusions and bargains should be lawful and morally acceptable (Rinehart, & Andraski, 2008). When Sandra was stating her terms and the extent, to which she was willing to compromise, she should have appreciated the legal requirements to provide customers support accordingly. This would have made her appear ethical and show the independent agent that she was prepared to establish an ethical and fruitful process. This goes in line with the theory of justice; respect for the independence. The main aim of negotiation is resolving differences or varying viewpoints through bargaining. In order for bargaining to take place effectively, there should be effective communication as well as a common understanding between the parties. Observation of ethics, law and other consideration that enhance communication is a decisive factor in communication and determines the success.

Overall, the major problem of the case is that Sandra has not been prepared for the negotiations accordingly. She has held a strong position that she is right, which drove the agent away. Moreover, she behaved in a hostile way because she expected that the agent would be prejudiced against her. Thus, Sandra jumped into conclusions and caused uncomfortable environment for communication due to her defense before the offence even happened. This essay has established major ground rules for the successful negotiations, starting with positive environment, considering ethical aspects at hand, and knowing the organizational strengths and weaknesses.

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