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The North American landscape, before the humans approximately 13000 years ago, was dominated by large animals such as camels, lions and mammoth. It had effects on the ecosystem as restoring these animals holds the potential to restore health to this ecosystem.

There are arguments whether to restore landscape to its pre-human state or not, hence it would generate economic and cultural effects. However, bringing the African and Megafauna will not restore the pre-human state of the ecosystem and will pose threat to the present ecosystem and species. The concept of re-wilding refers to the re-introduction of large vertebrates such as elephants and lions, which became extinct in the North America. It is based on the idea that animals take an active role in shaping the environment. The re-introduction of large animals might restore the environment under which animals and plants may evolve encouraging increase in biodiversity.

There is also the conservation of some endangered animals by generating new populations. This concept is, however, expensive due to the possibility of the introduction of new diseases as well as the control of large animals, especially the large carnivores and elephants. There is also concern about where the animals might come from and depleting wild animals to build new populations would not be productive.

However, the potential benefits associated with this plan include tourism in the plain areas and an aesthetic pleasure of seeing wild animals. Various humanizing effects have altered the natural world differently. The settlements, agricultural land reforms and agricultural fields are the major changes in the landscape which have altered the natural landscape ecosystem. Europe can be the ideal place to initiate re-wilding. These is because Europe lost Megafauna species during the era of the latest Pleistocene and Holocene and, therefore, still has their close relatives that have survived in the domesticated form. It is, thus, notable that in this respect, Europe differs even more when the North America since in the latter a large number of extinct Megafauna lacks any close extant counterparts e.g. ground sloths and short faced bear as noted by Stuart. Hence, Megafauna re-establishment seems feasible and applicable in this region.

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