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The theme we were given this year to explore “The Past/ The Future”. Being in my senior year I find this theme quite ironic and endless in its possibilities. With his theme you can spin in any direction you would like and it would be hard to miss, however it does not mean that the work will half decent. This year I decided to go with the symbols that would mean something to me and at the same time the audience could relate to them too. Both the past and the future are not happening without people. People are what define these both terms. I will try to use and incorporate symbols and meanings behind them to portray the roles people play in the definitions of the Past and the Future.  As the extension of the theme offered to us this year I chose “The Farewell”, as this year I will have to leave my school in the past and leap into the future.

As for material I am planning to use, I believe I will try to go with classic canvas or wood and a paint to create my work, it should be something simple and easy accessible to the average person. However, to intensify my point I will probably use additional materials, to portray the link between these two relative dimensions.  I am planning to use prime colors, to make it simple, and to have high contrast in my work. I believe it will make much deeper impression on the people who will come to see my work.

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Ideally I am thinking of just making it simple visual artwork and thank can be just placed on the wall to enjoy. It is one of the first artistic expressions ever found and it is highly appreciated to these days, not to mention that normally it is much easier to understand for average people. I think it should be a sequence of works. Each one of them should be quite meaningful on its own, however when together they create bigger and clearer picture.

 I made a decision to use metal tubes and pipes to give my work character and enhance the impression on the viewers.  Later I have made a decision to put  a word on each painting  laid out  also out of the tubes, so that together  these words will make a beautiful sentence

Personally, I enjoy reading books a lot; I have this passion since my early childhood. I have this idea that the person is the “comma” of its own life.  In my woks the person is pictured as a separation between the past and the present. And the farewell is like the kiss of the fortune

in the end of the journey, the comma into the new, different life. The comma is a kind of milestone that sets the mark, but does not stop never ending process.

When making this work I wanted it to be simple and strong at the same time. It was expected that my work will be interesting to the audience through the eye catchy play of textures. Strong and contrasting prime colors are easy for the audience to visually comprehend the picture. As I was creating my work, I kept in mind that I want it to be accessible to the average and mediocre audience. I would be a great honor for me that ordinary people could visually enjoy the artwork as well as understand the message that I am trying to convey.

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