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The Renaissance period in art history occurred the time when the artistic expression was becoming popular in the West. Cubism was an attempt by the artists to revitalize the tired traditions of Western art which they believed had run their course. The Cubists directed challenges to forms of representation such as perspective which had been the rule since the renaissance period. The main aim of the artists was to develop a new way of viewing could reflect the modern age. During this time the artists were not only considered as craftspeople but were also recognized as individuals with unique talents. The artists redefined their views towards nature and the human form and they analyzed all sorts of new media.

During Renaissance, the artists were far more concerned with portraying objects and the human form in a more realistic proportions and perspectives. Their logical and methodical systems of mathematics coincided with the representations of the art. Renaissance began in 15th century Florence and it marked many innovations in art with regards to their perspective, subject matter and composition. There was a very strong emphasis on depicting nature in the form of various landscapes, as well as a strong movement towards portraying the religious figures in a different light and perspectives.

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The 16th century Renaissance started moving to Rome and the court of Pope Julius II who hired the leading Italian artists and architects to complete his projects, which included Michelangelo, the most notable artist of the High Renaissance. Unlike other artists, Michelangelo exemplified the art of sculpting the human form, capturing the emotions and expressions. Michelangelo was a dominated and exerted a lot of influence in the art culture of Florence and Rome in the late 15th and early 16th centuries.

Italian artists set trends in architecture, painting, sculpture and philosophy during the Renaissance period. The most important thing that the Italian Renaissance brought society was the creation of a new ideology in the form of individualism. The skills and knowledge of the artists and their wonderful styles became a sign of nobility. This Renaissance, in both Florence and Rome implemented a mass raising of consciousness in regards to every art form as well as the individual self-exploration and humanitarianism was becoming the important as was the focus on the realistic portrayal. While all cultures in every have had significant influence on their present and future societal status, Renaissance happened to be one of the most influential and prominent periods in all of history because it spawned a variety of innovative works, thoughts and reactions. Its effects still have some influence on society today and will continue to influence future generations’ creations as well (Adams L. 2001).

Cubism basically started on a simplistic version which finally reached an abstract stage. During the renaissance period, the artists depicted various compositions on one plane an aspect which was in complete contrast with Cubism. For example, the cubist artists may paint the faces of people wherein the eyes may be shown looking towards the viewer and they could paint the nose facing the side (Kleiner S. 2009).

As much as the society can be able to establish the museum that are dedicated to modern art, the tradition of the earlier historical art should be continuously propagated. This is because the modern art is considered to belong only to the world elite while the earlier historical art can be used to pass very significant information to all people in the society. The continuation with the earlier architecture, design, typography and photography in museums devoted to the art of the twentieth century should be considered.

The renaissance and cubist movements gave rise to an extraordinary reassessment of the interaction between form and space changing the course of the art forever.

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