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In a modern world cyber crime has become one of the most serious types of crime that considerably harms private and public life of the citizens.  In the United States, a number of law enforcement agencies, including the Secret Service, FBI, Department of Homeland Security, among others, have aimed at fighting computer crimes and terrorism. The following essay is focused on researching the existing challenges common for these agencies and discussion of how to align these efforts to better protect the nation against these crimes.

The independent nature of the federal agencies results in different challenges. The main goal of the Secret Service is to provide safeguard for financial institutions. It faces with a challenge to work out and apply technologies and innovations to protect personal identification numbers, credit cards, etc. Thus, they need innovative technologies to provide significant results. FBI copes with serious computer criminals, spreading of pornography, malicious viruses and sexual harassment online. Thus, they need special training for the agents to meet the tasks. Other related agencies may need other resources such as political power or financial support depending on the sphere of activity and applied methods.

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In order to provide a better protection for the citizens, the U.S. should work out a system which would help the agencies to intercommunicate. “We must continue to share information with our partners in law enforcement, in the Intelligence Community, and in the private sector”. Right strategy as well as an access to the information databases and upgraded equipment would ensure the bigger percentage of detected cyber crimes. 

To summarize all the said above it should be pointed out that the role of federal agencies in fighting the digital crime is quite significant as they possess several resources which simplify the process of cyber crime identification and fighting. To improve the result these agencies should cooperate and exchange the applied technologies and information.

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