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At the time of the 90’s in Tai’an city, Dawei Liu as well as his classmates were the only children of their doting parents. The single-child syndrome was a common story in China.

Life success of the youth in urban China depends on a national entrance exam into colleges. Studying in the top universities is the easiest way to a comfortable middle-class life. However, the one who fails to enter the university can only claim to blue collar jobs. With the stakes being so high the parents squeeze themselves dry to prepare their children for success, practically from infancy.

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Thirty years previously, China initiated the one-child policy in order to contain mushrooming population. It led to the sprouting of the elite in society – undisputed emperors without any rival in their families. Basically, the plan was to produce children of the best quality to make China a global power. Expectations have been fulfilled; but this generation, having become modern overnight, imbibed middle-class Western norms of consumerism.

The temperamental gears changed so fast that society failed to handle it. China continues to be a developing country with limited opportunities. This has led to innumerable mini emperors with mega ambitions sitting frustrated. There are only 1.6 million new jobs for the college level, while 4 million students graduate from the universities.

The rising super power is now facing the problem of hyper-educated over-pressurized single children who are failing to fulfill expectations of their parents. Moreover, it leads to mental problems among the youth. Refusing demeaning jobs, the young people become the victims of unemployment and depression and escape from reality to the world of video-games. These games have become a national epidemic. The cases of suicides are increasing among the 20-year-olds and those who are in their early 30s. The country cannot carry out the promises made, as only few can reach the top, not all.

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