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It is important to rely to the fact that the power of wind is considered as an alternative solution for the fossil fuels.  The core advantages of this alternative source of power are the following: it is renewable, plentiful, clean and widely distributed. No greenhouse emissions are produces by such type of power and the limited surface of land is to be applied for the wind power producing. According to the statistical data, in 2011, the wind power has been used in 83 countries all over the word on a commercial basis. In 2010, the 2.5% of the energy, manufactured worldwide, has been the wind energy. Also, this index grows at more than 25 percent annually.

While discussing the financial cost of such type of power, it is possible to state a fact that the cost per unit of energy is similar to the cost of installation for natural gas and for new coal. At the same time, it is not possible to construct the wind farms everywhere.

The next issue to be discussed in the scopes of this research paper is the advantages and disadvantages of the alternative source of the energetic power- wind energy. While referring to the positive aspects of the wide application of the energy of wind, it is important to rely to the fact that the wind practically unlimited and renewable. There is a possibility of the effective conversation of the kinetic energy, which is stored in the wind into the electrical power. Even while taking in account the fact that is it not possible, to cover the entire demand of humanity in electrical energy by the wind energy only, there is a possibility of supplementing other types of electrical power and in such manner top reduce the dependence on the fossil fuels.

 As it has been stated before, the power of wind is ecologically clean and the wind turbine power plants do not make the emissions of the green house gases. Also, the waste materials are nit produced by wind turbine power plants. It is the fact that the wind turbines need the significant areas of land, but at the same time, this land may be simultaneously applied for other destinations- and for the cattle ranching and farming purposes in particular.

While referring to the disadvantages of the wind power, it is possible to outline the following aspects. First of all, the power of wind is not definite even while taking in account the fact that it is the intermittent resource of energy. In some areas the capacity factor of wind turbine plants is low and consequently, the useful power output is also not high. That is why the commercial wind turbine farms are mainly located in the large areas. It is obvious that the steady wind gusts are required for the efficient supply of wind power electricity. Consequently, the most appropriate places for the turbine power plants location are plains and coasts.

The next negative aspect of the wind power wide using is the fact that its storage is not simple, and at the same time, it is obvious that not all air currents may be harnessed for meeting the electricity demands’ timing.

According to the practice, the powerful sites of wind are usually found in the areas which are located far from the places of the high demand for the electrical power (towns and cities). That is why, there is a probability of the enormous investment, which may be needed for the power distributions systems development t and practical implementation. In addition, the higher quantity of the power lines may appear in the cities and towns and spoil the landscape.

That is why it is possible to make a conclusion that the power of wind is not always the remedy for the electrical power deficit covering as it is discussed in the mass media. While referring to the erratic nature of the wind power, in the business scales 10-21 percent of the installed capacity is produced by this alternative source of energy. At the same time, it is important to pay additional attention to the fact that up to 30 percent of ten total amount of the manufactured power is claimed to be obtained for this alternative source.

While taking in account the fact that the Responsible Stewardship and Integrity values imply the appreciation of the unique talents of the individuals, free exchange of ideas, living and working harmoniously, the projects development, dedicated to the wind power industry in US development and popularization make the positive reputation for this educational establishment and appreciate the professional development of its students.

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