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Free Example of Understandable Statistics Essay

How Could Graphics and/or Statistics Be Used to Misrepresent Data? Where Have You Seen This Done?

Graphics and statistics are used in order to prove the evidence of some effect and to show the leading tendencies in the investigation. However, any data can be used for the purposes of the person who interprets it. It is very easy to use graphics as well as statistics in case one knows it well and can make the accents upon things that need to be emphasized even if that data does not show the real situation.

Misinterpreting of statistics and graphics is used predominantly by politicians, in the news, fashion, business and finance structures and even in healthcare sphere. For example, there is a statistics that shows that the amount of children born by teens is higher for those who belong to religious organizations that for people not belonging there. In fact, the real situation is that the percentage of teens that get married in their teens is higher in religious organizations and children are born by married couples.

It is possible to make it with such simple tricks like choosing a not appropriate graphic view or give statistic figures without an explaining context, use an inappropriate variation or present graphics and conclusions separately that will lead to misunderstanding of the presented data.

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What Are the Characteristics of a Population for Which a Mean/Median/Mode Would Be Appropriate? Inappropriate?

The population is characterized by its variation, spread and distribution of its elements. In order to apply a specific formula it is necessary to investigate the elements of the population.

Mean is the most general characteristics that can be applied in almost most cases. It is used to show the average figure that can characterize a specific population (Joint Commission Resources, 37). Mean can be calculated by adding all the elements and dividing by nominal number of them. This can be used in most statistical data, however, it is inappropriate to calculate, for example average number of all people that are ill on the territory of the whole country if the numbers of hospitalized people in two or three districts is very high (1000-2000) and is lower in others (2-10).

Median can be applied for populations that have a tendency of growth. It is easy to calculate median by placing all the elements of population in order starting from the lowest range and finishing the highest. The median will be the figure that is situated in the middle of all elements.

Mode is the most frequent figure among all the elements of population. It can be applied to the populations with nominal data and is inappropriate for other populations.

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