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A being or an individual at creation, perhaps birth, is a perfect entity, so expected to behave perfect or react perfect in his or her microcosm. This brings about dreams and desires that leads to psychological and mental state of perfection, which thereby cause a society to reason in same thoughts and with the same believe. We have seen Americans and Britons see themselves as utopian nations, and just the Greeks see themselves as demigods or gods.

The first utopian society to be created was the Garden of Eden, where there was no reason to worry and need, till Adam and Eve sinned and were made to create a utopian society with their hands and hard thought ideas. Even in the Garden of Eden, God was the ruler, who served as the government, who dictated things and commanded things, but for the perfect wellbeing of mankind.

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A utopian society seems not to exist, but many leaders and visionaries have laid down many utopian proposals to transform their society to a perfect human world, having a mind to cut down criminal activities to a zero level or the most minimal level. In the ancient days, Alexander the Great and Adolf Hitler had this vision of a utopian world, which otherwise brought about millions of deaths round the world. For a utopian society to exist, one party must suffer for the other to be lifted, but the human mind is never ready to be led by another, except through fear and superiority in many visible and invisible dimensions.

The academic environment, the religious environment, the sporting environment, and the business environment are created to achieve a utopian society from birth, principles and laws are set for proper guidance. The Christians believe that for a utopian society to exist all mankind must live a sinless, good, and just life. And they believe it to be impossible, due to the believe that the devil rules the earth and there can never be peace that most utopian visionaries desire, but can only try to make a balance rather than destroy totally the state of good life. It is believed that the next utopian society after the Garden of Eden will be Heaven, where all is well, perfect, and the goodness is everlasting. Thomas More’s book, Utopia, talked about an ideal society, which many believe that utopian is an imaginary state of a perfect society, but the visionary can be used to set standard in a nation.

We can also see ecological utopian society, which refers to the good and friendly ways a society should interact and relate with the natural environment. What will be said of the Western World and the destruction of nature, which causes a negative effect to human and livestock that human survive on. But a society that relates friendly with nature, though through crude, slow, and stressful ways of doing so many  things will increase the life span of mankind, and it is in these recent times recommended  by many professionals. Also there is the economic utopia which brought about a reform after the devastating economic condition of the 19th century due to commercializing and capital that arose and so is the present global meltdown that is caused by so much spending on war and conflicts, and that economic utopian believe can restore the terrible state to proper and perfect state, by borrowing the most affected nation’s money. The global political utopian believe in the creation of a world peace is one that there can be a balance in the world, it can save humanity and cause a perfect and good habitable society for all. The scientific and technological utopias are believed to even stop death, suffering from illnesses and diseases, and create man by cloning. Many of these have been achieved by massive funding, and it has caused many society perfect for habitation.

Dystopias and the Dystopian Society

 A dystopian society had been created with the mind of creating a utopian society. The dystopian society suffers from deprivation, neglecting, and hardship making life so unbearable for inhabitants of such society to live in comfort and harmony. A dystopian society occurred during the Second World War, where there were many losses of life and property due to one man’s believe to create a utopian society, thereby making Africa a farmland and wiping out the whole Jewish race, or the quests of Greek kings who wanted more lands and slaves to serve them and their people not knowing they were losing the lives of the soldiers who were humans and family men. A dystopian society originates from a selfish desire that narrows down to a deadly vision that can’t be counseled or easily changed.

The religious dystopia is the believe that a society must be lived and controlled in a particular way, and the penalty for not living like them or practicing what they do or believe is death. The Muslim religious groups have diversified into Jihad, which other societies believe is a dystopian society, where a member must commit suicide to pass a message, or another society must suffer destruction or mass loss of life to convey a message that can be conveyed through simple dialogue. So are many social groups who are termed terrorist conveying messages through bombing, kidnapping, and other devilish acts. Even a leader who embezzles public funds creates a dystopian society, because the citizens of that society suffer from the improper use of public funds.

The book A Brave New World is about the destruction of nature through nuclear bombing and many biological effects caused by man, which bring to shortage of needs by mankind, thereby leading to criminal activities, making the society very unbearable for living. It is even a subconscious or ignorant activity, like the constant depletion of the ozone layer due to the regular usage of hazardous substances, as well as burning of bushes, cutting down of trees and not replanting, killing of wildlife and not checking their extinction rate, and deforestation. All these have negative effects on the people’s food, shelter, and other basic needs.

Dystopia is the society of pessimistic people, who view the lower class as useless and worthless, in which they tend to enact laws that are harsh, not having in mind the state of the harshness. In the class caste system of dystopian, those in the upper class or in power have access to newer, better, more advanced facilities than those people in the lower class, who are accessible only to what is left or what they are being informed with. The standard of living from the food, education, career level, and shelter are poorer than the upper class’, which sometimes gets these items free.  This brings about low self-esteem among the lower class, and kills whatever potential the lower class members possess, which could be useful for the well and ideal state of the society.

A dystopian society often brings rise to a savior who becomes a hero, who fights this society due to his love for the people, or is betrayed by the dystopian group. Many questions asked and a lot of researches made by this person. The savior, who knows how dangerous the mission is, may be ready to sacrifice his life to stop this dystopian society, this person always has a mole, a supporter within this society who assists him or her by giving information or evidences that can disrupt dystopian organization, no matter how powerful they may be. And in some cases when the task becomes too problematic and there seem to be no result, the savior tries to set a balance and reduce the suffering of the people by causing some laws and principles to be eradicated. This savior or hero may come from the dystopian group who had a sudden change of mind, or from the upper class of life, and who is also powerful as other dictators, tyrants who create a dystopian society, or that savior may  rise from the lower class of life and can suddenly gain momentum when something is taken from him, which triggers a sort of revengeful mission to bring them down, or causes a powerful psychological inspiration where he sees what he or she can do to create a better and perfect society, making him or her a utopian. There are many situations where so many people are not being totally controlled by a dystopian state, then the savior joins force with this set of people, it may be a covert utopian group, with these people helping but not leaving any form of evidence or traces with this hero. These persons become rebels, supported by neighboring utopian society or opposed by utopian society if it is known that their mission will cause more harm than good for the people. The hero may sometimes join the dystopian group where he or she can rise to a very powerful state, where he can bring about a reform that may bring about a utopian society, or otherwise, crack and cause confusion from within, making the disruption of such dystopias easy.

Sex and reproduction are major dystopian factors, where sex is majorly for reproduction and not pleasure, and this is practically impossible, just as babies are categorized into deformed and perfect babies. Where the good babies naturally fit into the society and resume good position, and the deformed resume bad position. All these make the society negative with so many constraints.

In the book A Brave New World, a dystopian world is introduced in England through the birth of a caste system where humans are genetically born and segregated into categories from the higher one having and been given better and powerful opportunities than those in the lower class, given lesser benefits to control the society. Total destruction of a dystopian society may seem not possible, but if a member of that society can escape from such society, it is a good approach, and that person can choose a utopian society that is favorable for living. In a dystopian world, people work for the upper class to keep getting stronger and more powerful, while they only maintain a stable life.


 Anti-utopia opposes the characteristics of utopia and is similar in meaning to dystopia. The family unit is a small union, where a man, his wife, and children live in so called peace and harmony but with so many secrets and hidden agendas. There are so many divorce issues in courts, due to battery, infidelity, and lack of trust. In addition, there are many broken homes, where children separate from their parents, and these actions are simple misunderstandings that others wouldn’t breakup with. The man seeing himself as a God and dictator over his wife and children, while the wife sees herself as a lesser person submitting to the will and control of her husband, while the children naturally adapt in submission to the same will as their mother. This is a common trend in Africa and most developing nations, but other developed nations where there are high rates of divorce, the woman leaves her husband whenever she feels less or being maltreated, even governments in developed nations give more power to women than men. This common trend expands as this small unit called family clusters in thousands to form a larger society, with rather common knowledge.

A utopia system can never work, because most utopian principles are either temporary measures or measures to cause a balance between a utopian society and a dystopian society, this brings about the Christian's believe for Jesus Christ to be the only source for everlasting peace, and only through Him can a person know complete and perfect happiness either in this life or the afterlife. The Muslims, on the other hand, don’t believe in a utopian society till a person dies, but there are certain precautions and penalties set in place for offenders in the society to create a utopian society. The Muslims call it Sharia Laws, which non-Muslims see as brutality, when it involves the killing of another for a petty crime, or amputation for sexual crimes or theft. The Muslims in their struggle to create a perfect society create more chaos and conflict in the society, leading to so many losses of lives. It’s a simple cause, the world can experience no perfect society habitable for living no matter the wisdom and  knowledge applied to reform the world, nature always creates an antagonist to cause problems, thereby believing he can create a change that will favor the society in the long run, and while trying to do this, a protagonist is created, who also wants and desires strongly for a perfect world, but ends up giving false hope and dies as a martyr, or goes into exile if his mission fails or dies without credit or with no account for his fight for so called good justice system. There are many of such protagonists, they are called activists, and they come in different forms, with different ideologies. We have show business persons in this acts, ex-politicians, lawyers, and writers (novelists and playwrights).

There can never be a perfect world gain, neither now, nor in the future. Chaos and conflicts between nations has been a means of improving and favoring the economy of one nation and destroying the other. This could be in form of war, where a nation fights for land, natural resources, power and control. One nation always rules the other; and the higher nation improves, and the lower nation decreases. There are times where nations join forces to combat another one, thereby leading to world wars, and this creates more destruction and an inhabitable society, thus making a utopian society dystopian.

Utopian society, as imaginary as it can be, may seem unrealistic, because a dystopian society brings about so many ideas and vision which cause great advancement and development, technological, scientific, and psychological. People from a utopian society will not be innovative because of their satisfactory state of living standard. But in a dystopian society, survival will always cause them to procreate a better state of living among themselves, making them more proactive, vicious, and more energetic. Technology and science is a major anti-utopian characteristic. It clearly differentiates people and nations in classes; we can see war machines, cosmetology, diseases, and surgery, in the media world, as well as in the secret services, where one nation gets more vital information than the others. Technology, in terms of space studies and the engineering sectors, has brought great power to some country, and the lack of it has made some nation static and it remained undeveloped, thereby causing more violence, lawlessness, and increase in crime rate, which is imperfect state for a society. China, as a country with massive technology in science, has increased in wealth and become influential and powerful. High population can be said to bring about a dystopian society.

No matter the natural resources a country possesses, not everyone can be manufacturers, not everyone can be wholesales or retailers, thereby bringing about automatic segregation among the citizens. Some citizens among the lower level of life work their ways through to the top of the class. And it is certain that those above the level of life live a better life than those beneath the level of life. And definitely resources cannot be shared all around because they flow through a designed channel. To be realistic the society is a natural world made out of pain, suffering, and deaths. We should expect no perfection, because for it to continuously exist, these negativities must be a source of solutions for improvements and for developments. A perfect example is the water world, where the big fishes eat the small ones for survival, even though the small fishes and small creatures in the ocean have learnt a survival tactics to remain alive and not go extinct, and there are natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanic eruption beneath the ocean grounds. These are the anti-utopian factors that make the ocean and water habitation a dystopian society.

Most human crave for freedom, the very basis of survival; this freedom brings about so many anti-utopian factors, making it impossible for a utopian society to exist, and we have freedom of speech, freedom of movement, and freedom of choice. A man either overuses this freedom opportunity or underuses it, and many don’t believe freedom is a possible thing to exist, so they only make use of it in the hiding.

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