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Free Example of Verbal Script Essay

“Hello, my name is William. I am a graduate Student at New York State University in the department of social studies and I am carrying out a presentation on my research that will be used in informing my audience the findings of my study. My presentation is on effect of domestic based violence on women and I would like to present the findings of my research which will provide information on the measures that can be employed to fight gender based violence. I will ask you a number of questions during my presentation relating to your past experiences as a victim of gender based violence. The information that you provide will be confidential and will not be used against you as an individual. The confidentiality of your contribution during the discussion will be fully enhanced. As a participator in this discussion you have freedom to make choice on what to ask and not to ask. Given that you will be expected to fill some questionnaires at the end of the discussion, you have the freedom to choose whether to participate in filling up the questionnaires or not to fill. Your feedback will be useful as it will provide useful information that can be used to improve the findings of my study.  There are no other issues that are related to this presentation that you need to understand. “Do you have any questions about the presentation? Do you agree to fully participate in this discussion?  If there are no questions lets begin…”

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