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Free Example of Violence in Music and Television Essay

"I want you to stop the killing in the city," said a nine year old boy James Darby in a hand-written letter to President Bill Clinton in 1994 - "I think that somebody might kill me". The boy was shot to death two weeks later while walking home in New Orleans.

After reading available literature on aggression in children, I came to a conclusion that television supporting violence enhances violent behavior in prone individuals and makes viewers less sensitive to aggressive acts and distorts in the perception of reality.

A group of scientists from Iowa State University point out that even humorous violent songs increase hostile emotions. The authors claim that violent songs increase aggressive thoughts and feelings and have further implications for the real world violence.

To where television comes, violence grows. In the US and Canada, during the television spread period of 1957-1974, the number of murders had doubled. In those nations, where television came later, the number of murders increased as well. For example, in South Africa, the cases of murders doubled after 1975 (Centerwall, n.pag.). In 1945, the Gallup Institute used to ask Americans “Do you know what television is?” Today, 98% of families have a TV set.

A three-year National Television Violence Study concludes that between 10 and 20% of real-life violence cases might be associated with violence learned from the media. It usually happens, because children under the age of six are not able to distinguish real from unreal when they watch TV.

Nowadays, children spend more time watching TV than studying or playing active games. An average child will have seen around 8,000 murders and 10,000 acts of aggression until graduates from elementary school. Those college students, who were keen on Mortal Combat and other games with elements of violence, experienced either excitement or a sense of hostility and were prone to physical and verbal abuse.

Al in all, much attention should be payed to violence in media, even if more studies will prove that violent thoughts, provoked by music and television, might last a fairly short time.

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