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Free Example of Violence in Schools Essay

It is evident that humanity comes across with many hard incidents and problems making people feel embarrassed and concerned. One of such heinous troubles is violence and viciousness appearing in regard of schools all over the world. “School violence can include emotional and physical ridicule or bullying, assaults, threats, sexual offenses, as well as the less apparent but equally important components of graffiti and vandalism, trespassing and gangs”. In other words, bullying, fighting, weapon use, electronic aggression and gang violence are examples of danger for young people to face. Over the past decade, there has been an epidemic of youth crime. In recent years, the nation has been deeply shocked by a number of dramatic, multiple killings of students at school by their classmates. As a result, many students, parents, and teachers are aware of any manifestations of violence. The children are no longer safe from intimidation, injury or death while at school or on their way to or from school. The level of violence has escalated very steeply over the past years. Society has to find the answers why it is happening and what impact such changes have on the functioning of schools.

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The statistic results on crimes committed in or around schools are deplorable. As the article on this issue reports, “in the 2009-2010 school years, there were 1.9 million nonfatal crimes committed at school, ranging from assault to theft; 37% of US students reported the presence of gangs in their schools; 77% of students are bullied mentally, verbally, or physically”.

School should be the safest place for everybody. However, repeated horrible shootings at American schools serve as an evidence of the opposite. The tragic incidents that took place at some schools of Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, Mississippi and other states of the USA will never be forgotten for their cruelty. As cited in AllPsych Journal, “according to the American Civil Liberties Union an estimated 270,000 guns are taken to schools in the United States every day”. Nowadays, carrying a gun is a symbol of power to many adolescents.  That is the reason why many kids see themselves as losers in the academic setting, and, as a result, choose to join a gang. Among gangs, they become relevant and feel as a part of the organization with children respecting one another for fighting abilities and toughness. Consequently, having access to guns and other kinds of weapons creates conditions for some people to lash out against the people they do not like. In all of its aspects, the problem of school violence requires thorough research for preventing cases of aggression. “We need society to put aside our anger and examine instead, calmly and with compassion, how such children can be helped and rehabilitated”.

 It is worthy of note that, according to the American Teacher Survey, “students receiving poor grades were three times as likely to carry a gun to school as those earning good or fair grades”. This fact points onto the connection between the educational processes, parental care, and as follows, teenage behavior. Thus, home life conditions influence all children. Facing verbal or physical abuse at home, child consequently will take it as a norm. Violence is then viewed by a teenager as a solution of problems. Overmuch severe parenting, as well as lack of discipline, can cause a child to become self-absorbed. This feature, in its turn, can mislead the forming mind of descendants.

The social climate of school plays the prominent part in preventing violence. Comfortable and supportive feelings of students and stuff provide effective and efficient learning and teaching as well as positive student behavior and attitudes.

Children's exposure to media violence plays an important role in the etiology of violent behavior. Video games, movies, and even harmless, at first sight, cartoons are sometimes telling the kids that violence is not abnormal things. On one hand, media, through showing violent acts, fortifies adolescent against outrages of real life. On the other hand, broadcasting glamorizes violence. Music plays even bigger role than television in the influencing of today’s youth with its violent lyrics and cult like following. Rock concerts, music video clips, singles of some modern artists glorify guns, violence and brutality, herewith, mocking the authorities. Media technology, including cell-phones, personal data assistants and the Internet, has many potential benefits for youth. It allows communicating with family and friends or increasing knowledge on a wide variety of topics through the Internet. However, youth can use electronic media to embarrass, harass, or threaten their peers. Like traditional forms of youth violence, electronic aggression is associated with emotional distress and conduct problems at school. Parental monitoring on this matter can be the effective strategy for prevention of electronic aggression. The victims encountering violence in electronic media are very likely to be victimized off-line through sexual harassment, emotional abuse, or even rape. As cited in David-Ferdon & Hertz (2007), “The moral approval of bullying, perceived school climate, and peer support are significant contributing factors to the likelihood that an adolescent will perpetrate verbal and physical aggression as well as electronic aggression”.

Some researchers emphasize that problem of school violence is a little overstated, and risks at school are comparatively low. However, the above mentioned social problem requires concise data studying in order to develop strategies preventing the youth violence at school. “Prevention to deter school violence, drug use or other youth problems means taking action long before young people are cruel to each other, long before isolation and alienation happens, long before any become angry, hopeless and lost”.  The effective teaching methods, school and classroom management, cooperative learning, parental monitoring might help on this issue. The main violence-prevention methods include measures related to school management, measures related to environmental modifications and educational principles.

The staff of every school should develop policies and practices that establish a supportive climate for studying and relations. Involving faculty, staff members, families and students in all aspects of school life might help in violence preventing concepts. Using various devices like video cameras and metal detectors can help to keep a check on any unwanted material that is being brought into school premises. Such security appliances are needed in schools that are at a considerably high risk of violence. One of the effective ways to prevent school violence is organizing frequent meetings using suggestions from students and teachers on this matter.

Parents should try to bring up children in an atmosphere conducive to their growth and development. Whether a child has personally experienced trauma or has seen the event on television, it is important for parents and educators to be ready to help. Parents must keep an eye on the child’s activities, thus preventing the possibility of joining a gang or getting victimized through media. Friendly communications inside the family are good ways for establishing trust-based relations, which in their turn can help to avoid child’s getting in trouble.

Like all problems existing in today's society, school violence will not disappear entirely. “It is a concern that will require diligent work of all parties combined”. Providing a safe environment for pupils’ learning and growing might secure them from violence or aggression and help to mature into responsible adults. Proper instructions of adults can teach children to handle their problems and trouble cases in a non-violent way.

No one is born malicious. This trait can be acquired only within the life course.

Therefore, society has to focus extensively on the problem of school violence in order to avoid such a threatening dramatic change.

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