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Free Example of Who are You? Essay

Who are you at the emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical core levels? At the core, emotionally I am sometimes fearful and too humble. Intellectually, I am good at calculations and have mathematical mindset. Spiritually, I am a careful driver observant of traffic rules; besides, I am physically strong.

At the emotional level, from time to time I am in unexplainable fear of darkness at night. In other words, my anxiety level goes up when the lights go off. Then the morning brings relief and there is no cause for uneasiness. At night time, I am afraid of the dark even being 26 years old. Somehow, it seems natural for me to be fearful after the sun goes down. Just like in the ghost movies, I get scared of the dark easily.

At the intellectual level, I’m good at math. Math comes natural to me, much easier than reading or science. On a scale from one to ten, I tend to think that I am a nine. A nine to me is really good, though not perfect. It is really tricky to be perfect, I would say. Math presents no problems to me. It is less stressful than reading or science.

At the spiritual level, I’m very careful at driving. I prefer being a safe driver as I want to escape getting into car accidents. Besides, I try to avoid getting pulled over by the cops for speeding. I take driving seriously, like passing a test. I enjoy being careful on the road since it indicates having good driving skills.

I’m also physically strong. I can claim that as none of my friends could beat me at arm wrestling. When I was a sophomore in high school I could bench press one hundred fifteen pounds for eleven to fourteen times. So, physical vigor is beyond question.  

In conclusion, I like myself at all those four core levels including the emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical ones. Of course, I have some weaknesses, like being a little scary at night. However, my merits outweigh. I am pleased with the fact that I am strong and good at math. I just accept myself the way I am.

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