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The issue of the necessity to legalize some of the drugs is certainly important and relevant nowadays. Some countries, including Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France and Australia, have already taken an active position in recent antidrug movements. The issue of legalizing marijuana is a very controversial one as there are both positive and negative arguments concerning it. In America, the idea of decriminalizing marijuana gained impressive support, including even the approval of the official bodies such as the President's Commission on Marihuana.

Marijuana was first brought by the Spanish in 1545, and by 1927 its production and possession was outlawed by the U.S. government. Although some time ago marijuana was perceived as an absolutely innocent source of fiber, now it is mainly regarded as a dangerous drug that is highly likely to cause abuse and has no useful medical features. However, it is time to take an absolutely different look at this issue and consider the reasons why it should be legalized.

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Nowadays there are more and more researches that prove an important medical use and potential of marijuana. According to the international practice, there has not been any case related with the death from the use or overdose of marijuana. Scientists estimate lethal dose of it in 60 grams. However, it is impossible to smoke so much even if you have a very strong desire. Also, there is no credible evidence that constant smoking of marijuana can cause memory problems, harm to reproductive system, or probable risk for schizophrenia. The only proven harm is its effect on the lungs, but it is not because of any harmful substances that are in marijuana, but because of the smoking process.

In countries such as Israel, the U.S. and Canada marijuana has been successfully used as medicine for people undergoing chemotherapy and for the treatment of rheumatism, epilepsy and many other serious diseases. As it is known, nearly 6 million people annually die because of the smoking-related causes of cigarettes. According to some of the researches, marijuana has very useful therapeutic features that can reduce pain and sufferings for those who have AIDS, cancer, chronic pain and other serious illnesses.

 This plant can be used in order to relieve unbearable pains and help coping with serious diseases. It is also used in order to get rid of nausea. Such medical practices show that marijuana can help many people, who suffer terribly, and it can be viewed as a violation of our rights and liberty to prohibit this plant. It is possible to imagine a situation, when some of your family members or close relatives suffers from huge pain and the only way to stop these sufferings is to use marijuana, but the thing is that it is prohibited. So the question is, should marijuana be legalized in such a situation or not? And in my opinion, such a difficult situation certainly explains the need to use marijuana for particular medical cases and make it legalized.

One more reason to legalize marijuana is in order to prevent its spread on the black market. According to some of the prognoses, prohibition of marijuana can be similar to the alcohol prohibition and result into the underground black market. This is a serious danger and government should certainly consider it in order not to waste time and money on law enforcement and regular inspections. If the status of marijuana remains illegal it may result into a “forbidden fruit effect” and people will try their best to get it at any cost.

However, there are also strong objections to the legal status of marijuana as it can result in drug addiction for many people, who cannot control its consumption. And it is important to analyze and conduct additional researches in order to prove the medical use of this drug. Speaking of physical dependence that marijuana can cause as compared to alcohol or hard drugs, it is necessary to say that it can result only in a psychological dependence and that it appears only after a very long-term use of marijuana. However, after smoking cessation, psychological dependence is winding down, after a week, a month. Marijuana seldom causes physical dependence, but regular users can suffer from the development of a deep psychological addiction, and it can affect many others, whose lives are built around marijuana consumption. There are consumers who could not get up in the morning without taking the drug.

Although humans have been cultivating this type of drug for thousands of years, still it has been mainly used in order to produce fiber for clothing, ropes, etc. There are examples of using cannabis as mind-altering substances that go down in history, but the widespread use was not even in the countries where it grows naturally. Its use as a drug revived years later. There is no long history of mass consumption; today's generation of consumers is certainly the first in the history of the world that decided to use marijuana on a large scale.

Also untrue information is that allegedly smoking marijuana can cause transition to heavier types of drugs. There is no connection between these phenomena and it’s a complete myth. By the way, everyone knows about the drug treatment clinics for the treatment of nicotine, alcohol, or heroin addiction. As far as we know, there is not a specialized clinic which treated dependent on marijuana, and it perfectly shows that the relationship is really weak.

It is necessary to note that some of the researches did not support the necessity to legalize marijuana because of its medical potential. For instance, the IOM researches did not determine significant use of marijuana as a medicine, when it is smoked. But they came to a conclusion that marijuana still has useful active ingredients and with the further medical research there is likelihood to develop promising pharmaceuticals. The National Institutes of Health also came to such a conclusion after a set of researches.

The issue of legalizing marijuana is also related with the benefits and problems it can cause. The most important supporter of the things to remain as they are now is a drug mafia, or rather those who earn fabulous money by selling marijuana. At the moment it is one of the most lucrative types of business in the world. Naturally, if the ban is removed (no risk, brokers, etc.), the price of marijuana will drop at least 5 times and this business will not be profitable any more.

As a conclusion it should be said that there is a strong argument why marijuana should be legalized, and its medical use can not only help people and ease their sufferings, but also prevent the government from wasting precious time and money on law enforcement and regular inspections. In other words, marijuana should be legalized in order to provide current legislation with both social and economical benefits. The policy of decriminalizing marijuana is a half-measure as it can reduce the harm from criminal penalties and infringement of personal freedom, but it does not take into account the needs of the consumers, who are unable to produce it. As a result, there is a great likelihood that there will appear and gradually grow an illegal black market of marijuana without any attempts of regulation or taxation. In my opinion, it is difficult to predict what the results of the debates concerning the necessity to legalize marijuana will be.

There is no doubt that many people, especially young people, will still have very strong desire to acquire this drug based on the fact it is banned. With the legalization of marijuana there won’t be any need to break the law and in such a way the forbidden fruit will disappear. The real solution to the problem is the process of total legalization, provided that marijuana can be legally sold, taxed and can be perceived as a subject to other forms of government regulation. Marijuana will remain prohibited according to the majority of international agreements till its full legalization.

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