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Prior to raising blame fingers towards China for the widespread manufacture of the so-called “fake” products, it is of a paramount importance to consider who exactly has failed in his or her duty. Though the implication here is not that manufacture and distribution of illegal products that should be turned a blind eye upon, it is always good to ensure that the United States is playing its role satisfactorily. Though many can give different views regarding this prickly issue, this document briefly pinpoints the specific areas that should be put into consideration. Additionally, it highlights the author’s view concerning this issue, the impact as well as the appropriate steps that can be made.

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  • The author says that the shortage of working professionals in this sector is a major hindrance to the eradication of the problem. The America’s Product Safety Commission, for example, seems harmless through its plan of employing one party to regulate the kind of toys sold in the U.S. Additionally, the Food and Drug Administration has licensed many Chinese plants to manufacture ingredients for medicine. The audience realized the strategy employed by companies such as Disney, Wal-Mart and Dell to guarantee their success.
  • The author further suggests that the reason behind importation of illegal products in the U.S. is that the government has totally refused to act. It is still not comprehensible how these products get into the country’s domain despite the government assuring its citizens that it is up for the fight against phthalate. He appeals to the audience’s emotions by showing how harmful the chemical is to children.
  • Another factor is the fact that giant U.S. corporations are major investors in China due to the low cost of production. Companies such as Dell, Wal-Mart and Disney will obviously be sluggish in condemning practice of importing products from China.


Despite misgivings of many people as well as arguments by many prominent dignitaries that China is to blame due to the constant importation of illegal products, it is important to consider what the U.S. government can do to curb the problem. Ranging from recklessness to covert corruption and excessive greed for money, as earlier mentioned, regulations can be done from with the U.S. As such, it can be generally inferred that it is the government’s responsibility to ensure that everything is done according to the citizen’s expectations.

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