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Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that distributes articles and other related items through open source software. Wikipedia was started by Rick Gates in early 1993 as an online encyclopedia, and its full implementation was carried out by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger in January 2001. Since its inception, Wikipedia has been providing a variety of products to its clients ranging from academic articles, software and hardware among others.

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Profitability of Wikipedia from Blockbuster Products

Chris Anderson (2008) defined that long-tail products are those goods or services that have low demands or low sales volume and hence require extensive distribution. Long-tail products are those goods and services that require extensive marketing strategies and distribution channels such as large numbers of intermediaries or distribution agents. Due to lower demands for long-tail items, producers of such products usually have to develop strategies for inducing customers to purchase such products.

On the other hand, blockbuster items are those goods or services that are excessively popular hence attracting large sales volume (Gassmann, Reepmeyer & Zedtwitz, 2010). In my opinion, Wikipedia benefits more from blockbuster products than it does from long-tail products. This is because most of the long-tail products of Wikipedia, such as academic articles, have low demands hence low sales volumes. Similarly, most long-tails products of Wikipedia are distributed free of charge within its websites hence dose not generate any revenue. Low demands for most long-tail products from Wikipedia have also forced the organization to extensively market and distribute the products thus resulting into additional costs. Consequently, the company generates little or no profits from the sale of such products.

In my opinion, Wikipedia benefits more form blockbuster products because of its popularity. According to Lih (2009), most articles of Wikipedia are very popular amongst students and the other users all over the world. For example, by 2005, Wikipedia had nearly thirteen million articles composed in two hundred and eighty-five different languages (Lih, 2009). In addition, the number of usable articles in Wikipedia has greatly increased to twenty-three million as in October 2012. This is due to the worldwide popularity of the articles. Ayers, Matthews and Yates (2011) also assert that Wikipedia is one of the most popular websites in the world with more than twelve percent share of global Internet users.

The Health of Wikipedia Communities

In my opinion, the health of Wikipedia communities is vibrant and promising. According to Lih (2009), Wikipedia provides software that can easily reverse contributions to its articles that are deemed inappropriate to clients and other audiences, for example, contributions that touch on contentious social issues are reviewed before they are made accessible to the public.

In addition, Ayers, Matthews and Yates (2011) assert that Wikipedia community is highly organized since it allows its members to provide competent articles. Moreover, the organization has a pool of experts and professionals who work together in team to ensure that the products of the company are of high quality. The organization has a set of standards and requirements that all employees must meet in order to ensure that high quality products and services are offered to the clients. For instance, a member of Wikipedia community requires an approval ranging between seventy-five and eighty in order to take up new roles and responsibilities in the company (Lih, 2009).

The organization also has a range of software, systems and programs that provide assistance to administrators and other personnel in identifying problems relating to its products.

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