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William Saroyan (1908 – 1981), the noted American author and dramatist, had once remarked, “Good people are good because they’ve come to wisdom through failure”. Yes, I have failed, but that does not really matter now, when I have stood up, and now I strive hard to win. It is a part of my Qatari wisdom that has prevailed and having been born and brought up there, has taught me how to be an enthusiastic human being and to be courageous to stride; I want to quote Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC), who once said, “be a good citizen capable of making a mark in the society by contributing to its betterment and development”.

Back home in Qatar, our beautiful Arabic culture has brought me up with this goal in mind; a reflection of which I find in Humanities, the Foundation Course of which I took at Bellerby's College and which gave me a capability to introspect with deeper insight people’s behavior, hailing from different countries and different cultures. Qatar, as a matter of fact, has embraced all cultures and in the process assimilated some from the same and returned a lot in gratitude – something I refer to as “international relations happening in real time with real people on ground”.

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I feel this, apart from skills to debate and reason; it is an important prerequisite to understanding international relations, which I intend to study at the university. Once I have imbibed the essence of this subject, I intend to take up the role of an international mediator, representing my own country to the world; Qatar is a country known for its rich heritage and high values, including respect for all faiths, and this has been impressively receptive. The world has reciprocated with matching attention.

What stems my confidence in international relations is the fact that I have been following world media religiously which has given me a deeper understanding and knowledge of who’s who on international stage; a skill further honed by Bellerby's Debate Club, of which I am the active and an unfailing member. Initially, I was worried about English as being my non-native language, but that has already been taken care of by English course at Bellerby's which has turned me into an eloquent speaker. 

Combining all these credentials with my 2006 experience at Asian Games and internship at one of world’s best airlines, Qatar Airways, and given the proficient level of participation I showcased at both, I feel that I am ready for a bigger and better stage to show first few signs of my talent as an international mediator.

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