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Free Example of Women in Afghan Security Forces Essay

It is well-known that the authorities try to strengthen the power and the law order in Afghanistan in every possible way. There is an active increase in the number of the military forces and policemen. In Afghanistan at war, these professions are among the most popular and well-paid now. In the conditions of unemployment, the work in the police and military service becomes sometimes the only means of a stable income of a family. In the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Afghanistan, many advisers from the western countries work. The police equipped with modern jeeps, made in America, regimentals, according to the western standards and financial investments improve the state of affairs. The number of the policemen and military men is growing day by day. Last year, Russia also made the contribution to police forces. Twenty-five thousand Kalashnikovs were delivered to the Afghan police. In police, all segments of the population, including women, are involved.

The authorities of Afghanistan allowed women to serve in the police. For a weak, half of the mankind will protect the strong one. Before women could work only in offices, they were banned to patrol streets. In turn, instructors from Great Britain help Afghan women to master a profession of militiamen. The value of such policemen is that they can carry out a search of women and can stay with them in one room. The religion forbids male militiamen to do that. However, it often happened that women hid rifles and thousands dollars under a yashmak; therefore, it was necessary to bring females to the army.

For a short period of work, policewomen have already succeeded. In one of the airports, they managed to reveal the suicide bomber on whom there was a belt with an explosive. The lieutenant of police of the Deposit Abdoul Nabi says, “When we stopped the car, the behavior of the passenger seemed suspicious to me. During the search, the woman behaved aggressively. Under her mutter we found an explosive and detonators.” As it was noted in the National police of Afghanistan, such innovation becomes an unpleasant surprise for the Taliban. According to the mode of Talibs in 1996 — 2001, women were forbidden to work and even to study at schools.

Today about 1400 women serve in the Afghan national security forces, even in a rank of officers. Now women are presented in policy, including on leading posts. From 6300 military personnel, who were lost in Iraq and Afghanistan, 144 were women.

On the one hand, women have a heap of efforts and problems, and on the other hand, they have such indulgences which men soldiers do not have. And at the end of the day, they speak to themselves, “We are all soldiers, and work is work.” They are convinced of that.

The most ridiculous is how Afghans reacted to women. They saw a soldier in a military uniform, but then noticed a fair hair and a bob under a cap, and said, “Oh, my god, this girl looks as a man!” They think that western girls are very strange.

As to Afghan female soldiers, they really differ from the others, because they have a very segregated culture. Women cannot sit and eat with men at the same table if they are not members of the family. Therefore, going to the army for them is an improbably courageous act. They break all the restrictions, they are like pioneers, but, all the same, they are still far from the creation of a real balance in Afghanistan. But it is the first step for them.

Afghan girls have no right to stay far from the house. Therefore, the fact they remain the whole week out of door really matters. Besides, girls usually do not go to the army; they stay at home, give birth to children and cook food that is all they are engaged in. This is a taboo, similar to being a prostitute or “a disobedient girl.”

As for the American women in Afghan, 48 of them were sent there as a part of the second fighting group from “Female Engagement Team” (a female fighting group), and they are serving in Afghanistan now. They take an active part in fighting operations and get access there, where it is difficult to work for men. Women, who voluntarily go to Afghanistan for 6,5 months, have a 10-week training on the base of Camp-Pendleton, California, where they are trained how to behave in various situations. Besides, they study Afghan traditions and bases of the Pashto language.

New rules as for women’s military service were provided, and they allow modern amazons to come nearer to a front line as much as possible.

However, women still cannot serve in infantry, armored armies and participate in special operations as this type of military forces and the fighting tasks, according to the General Headquarters, are connected with an increased risk for life.

The necessity to reconsider this question is dictated by the conditions of war, which the USA conducts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The lines of fire are displaced there so quickly, and borders of areas of operations sometimes are so uncertain that it becomes more and more difficult to provide a safe distance from the front line for the female military men.

The lawyer group, protecting the rights of the women in the army, declared that military leaders should consider the problem of a role of women in armed forces more thoroughly and provide them with big powers as they make 14 % of employees. It is important to emphasize the following: women should not become only victims; they should participate in a solution of the problem.


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