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The teachings about the word of God are interesting. In this paper, I tackle three questions that center on Biblical teachings. The first question revolves around whether Jesus claimed to be God. Secondly, I respond to the question whetherJesus needed to be born of a Virgin? Finally, I answer the issue regarding how can we be confident that Jesus is returning?

Did Jesus claim to be God?

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The question concerning whether Jesus claimed to be God often draws controversy. Jesus himself was aware of the concerns raised regarding his status. This explains why he put the question, “Who do you say I am?” (Refer to Matt.16:15; Mark 8: 29; Luke 9: 20) to his disciples when he was at Caesarea Philippi. Several answers emerge following the question. For instance, the Jehovah Witnesses claim Jesus meant that he was Michael, the archangel, New Agers portend he was an enlightened messenger or an avatar. On the other hand, Mormons believed that he was Lucifer's spirit brother. However, rather controversially, Jesus clarified in the said instance that he was God.

By claiming to be the distinguished or unique Son of God, Jesus irritated the Jewish leaders to a point of plotting to kill him. The Jewish believed that by claiming to be a son of God, Jesus was equating himself to God (John 5: 18). At another point, Jesus claimed that he was an item with God. At that stage, the Jews could not take it as they wanted to stone Jesus. In response to the issues raised by the Jews, Jesus went further to allege that the Father sent him. However, the Jews held that Jesus was a mere man claiming to be God (John 10: 30-33).

Moreover, based on the views of the chief priests, Jesus made a damaging remark when he was questioned whether he was Christ. Jesus responded to the question in the affirmative, an aspect that infuriated the priests. Referring to Mark14: 61–62, Jesus said that ‘and you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One and coming on the clouds of heaven’. In making this statement, Jesus was alluding to prophecy outlined in the book of Daniel 7: 13-14. In this regard, Jesus was overtly stressing that he would judge the same court that was judging him at the time. Jesus also indicates in this assertion that he occupies the throne of God. Based on the facts raised in this paper, Jesus did claim to be God.

Did Jesus Need to be born of a Virgin?

‘Alma’ is the Hebrew word for ‘virginity’. It is also a concept that relates to a young woman. At the time Jesus was being born, almost certainly, all young females were virgins. Without regard to this establishment, conception takes place after a male and a female engage in sexual intercourse. Consequently, a woman who conceives without engaging in the sexual act presents a big miracle. Mary alone conceived Jesus. This was a sign that revealed the super-natural involvement in the bringing into being, the world's Emmanuel.

Referring to Isaiah 9:6, a child was to be born. In this case, specific reference is made to humanity at birth. The same section indicates that a son was to be given. The latter statement implies that the person being given was already present or pre-existed. Referring to John 3:16, 6:39, 12:49, Jesus was sent from heaven as a son of God. It should be remarked, however, that it was God's plan that Jesus should be borne by a virgin woman. This view holds since Jesus was already clean and did not need to be borne by a virgin to become cleaner. The fact that Jesus is called Emmanuel in Mathew 1:23 supports the idea that he was free of sin. Further, in Hebrew 4:15, "he was at all points tempted as we are, yet without sin." It appears that Jesus was born to become a sacrifice for humankind.

In regards to the issue of the need for being born by a virgin, Romans 5:12 indicates that sin came to the world via one man. Consequently, each person has a sinful nature, which is passed specifically by males. The primary goal was that God enters the world just like any other human being. Were Jesus to be born through the normal system where a man and a woman are involved, any claim by Jesus to be a son of God would lack any form of authenticity. Based on this discussion, it was necessary that Jesus be born of a virgin.

How can we be Confident that Jesus is Returning?

The issue of Jesus returning has equally raised concerns. At the time of his departure to heaven after crucifixion, Jesus promised to come back the way he left. Despite confirming that he would come, the time that she would come continues to pose challenges to the Christian faithful. However, Jesus himself gave some signs to look out for in confirmation of his coming. For instance, in Luke 21:31, "When you see these things happening, know that the kingdom of God is near." Regardless of the signs, agreeing or adducing enough confidence regarding the second coming remains a thorny topic as already indicated.

It is necessary to point out that no single individual is able to predict even the weather precisely apart from the one that creates it, God. However, examining visible attributes such as the sky, people are able to come up with educated or informed guesses regarding how the weather would look like. This draws much similarity with the coming of God as pointed in Mathew 12:36. Paying close attention to the world events, it is arguable that the second coming of Christ is soon.

Some issues that characterize the end of the times include wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes, pestilence, famines, deceivers using the word, return of the Israelites to the Promised Land, loss of love, increase in wickedness, return of hybrid heroes and fallen angels, etc. The prevalence of these aspects contribute towards the growth in confidence that Jesus is coming soon. Although we cannot surely claim that the end of the times has come, it is predictable that it is not far away. As a result, we can be confident about the coming of Jesus.


As the paper establishes, Biblical teachings are controversial. Based on the ideas raised in the paper, Jesus did claim to be God. Secondly, the discussion shows that it was necessary that Jesus be born of a virgin. Finally, although we are unsure to claim that the end of the times has come, it is predictable that it is near. Consequently, we can be confident about the coming of Jesus.

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