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Free Example of Writing in Class Essay

What was the most important thing you learned in this class?

Been a college student has given me an opportunity learn a lot. One can have many papers to write and even add multiple papers due and a full class load and it can be difficult to be profound (Granville, 2008). Moderation is the key to writing great papers in college. As a college student I have learned that adding my papers with key phrases demonstrates to the teachers that one is reading and digesting the material. Granville (2008) indicated  “that writing a college paper is easy when one can put certain key phrases into the paper to make it sound more intelligent and coherent” (p. 8)    

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Do you feel better able to write college-level papers after having completed this class?

Yes. This is becauseI am not at the risk of receiving a deficit model of instruction that limits reading of academic, expository text and keeps the writing focus on error and careful control of shorter passages or paragraph writing (Roberge, Siegal & Harklau, 2009).  It possible to understand that while writing academic papers the process can be challenging, compelling  because writing tasks develops competence that focuses on skills of recognizing main ideas, connecting information across chapters, citing, paraphrasing and responding to text (Roberge,  Siegal & Harklau, 2009).

Why did you choose the topic you chose for your final paper?

The reason why I choose the topic academic writing is because it is the basis of successful delivery of the required quality of assignments by the college. This topic thus plays a key role in ensuring that one is able to adhere to the writing standards. Stewart (2004) indicated that “knowing how to write a college level paper is a necessary and valuable skill for students one that is addressed in detail in most classes of freshmen” (p. 69).  Besides that it also important to note that it is essential for students to have the opportunity to write, speak, and think critically in every class and also in every assignment and therefore this topic offered a great support in coming up with quality papers (Stewart, 2004).

Did you learn anything new or surprising about your topic? What was it?

One of the most important surprising elements is that designing assignments that foster academic needs to be done carefully and deliberately. According to Roberge, Siegal & Harklau, (2009)I have learned that assigning an easy without unpacking the expectations and conventions of the style of writing or without a drafting and revision process and then to grade that easy by college standards could leave some novice writers unable to compile their work appropriately.

I have also learned that the reason why these assignments are offered as an alternative to the research papers is not because there is anything wrong with expecting students to write one (Stewart, 2004).  In addition I have noted that annotated bibliographies, controlled sources and case scenarios reinforce the very skills required to complete a college level essay or research paper (Stewart, 2004).  Stewart (2004) established that “the skills are broken down and addressed separately allowing students to direct their energies towards the mastery of one or two skills in the complex series that is essential to achieve effective essay writing” (p. 70).    

Name one thing that could be done to improve this class.

Stewart (2004) says that designing effective assignments is a lot like designing good assignments. This implies that the class can be improved by informing students that less is more when it comes to page requirements. Students should therefore be assigned medium papers because when they are given large papers they is usually little opportunity for students to make progress in their writing.

In conclusion, this class can be improved by giving students options of their choice of topics or assignments. Stewart (2004) says that it is important for students to feel connected to their writing. This implies that the more students are interested in the assignment the better the results (Stewart, 2004). The class can also improved by giving students options in the essay sections of their exams. Another form of improvement can come from allowing students to brainstorm on topics or share their writing in class.

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